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Brownswood Music's Future Bubblers

Friday 19 May
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In a nutshell

Searching for the Perfect Beat: Future Bubblers is the new talent discovery and development big idea from Brownswood Music.

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Brownswood Music’s Future Bubblers take over Rich Mix for a night of out-of-the-box musical talent featuring Three Body Trio, Revenu, Elsa Hewitt and Congi.

What to Expect

A selection of the UK’s freshest and most innovative music makers covering electronic music, jazz, hip hop, spoken word, DJ sets and more.

Who's Involved


A trio out of Nottingham playing groove-based electronic music with the spirit of free jazz. They use a mess of hardware, software and instruments to make beats inspired by the greats of jazz, funk and hip hop. They believe in improvised music that is charged with spontaneity and imperfection, and has the crackle and hiss of cables and machines.


Hull’s Revenu is all about sounds and musical ideas that wouldn’t normally be put together, soulful, imperfect, outside the box music. This will be the debut performance of his live show.


From solo guitar and spoken word, Elsa Hewitt’s grown to embrace found sounds, UK dance undercurrents and the endless modulations of an old, beaten up synthesiser. This will be her first performance after the release of her genre-blurring first album Cameras From Mars


A duo from Nottingham, Congi share a common love of early dubstep, hip-hop, grime, jazz and soul. Expect an expansive and free selection, weighted towards the bass end of the spectrum.

Why does Rich Mix matter?

'Rich Mix matters as a hub of creative and artistic energy serving Shoreditch and London.'

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Twitter: @FutureBubblers

Facebook: /futurebubblers/

Things you should know

Suitable for ages 16+

This event is wheelchair accessible.