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BitterSuite presents

BitterSuite: Tapestries

Saturday 22 October

In a nutshell

A fully sensory, one-to-one concert set to live classical music by Janacek.

Go on…

BitterSuite began as a question: Can we deepen the way we listen to classical music by creating sensorial experiences to match & enhance the music as you listen?  

We now create classical music experiences with 30 performers, 30 audience members, 30 blindfolds, 4 choreographers, 1 chef, 1 perfumer and a psychologist. Here you don’t just listen through your ears - but you feel the music with your skin, taste the rich harmonies across your tastebuds and smell the beguiling musical colours.

Tapestries is choreographed to enhance an ingenious reworking of Janacek’s String Quartet by Fred Thomas and Kayo Chingonyi; interweaving Janacek’s full work together with original choral spoken poetry and phrases taken from Janacek’s inspiration: The Kreutzer Sonata. 

All with BitterSuite's signature sensorial choreography being interwoven in and through-out the piece.

Fully accessible and open to all. 

What to expect

The concert involves being blindfolded and audiences will be fed and given smells, in addition they will experience deep somatic touch-based choreography. 

Who’s involved

Fred Thomas

'High class' The Telegraph

A composer, song-writer, arranger who has reached international acclaim with his album: The Beguilers.

Kayo Chingonyi

Highly accomplished and challenging sound poet Kayo Chingonyi writes poetry with depth and creativity in its blood.


A classical string ensemble and company of composers programming and playing the music which falls between the cracks of genres.

Adam Thomason

Finalist for chef of the year, head chef at Wimbeldon and Deloittes private dining. Currently making his foray into experience cooking in his dazzling food & dance collaboration – Flavour And Some.

Sarah McCartney

Award winning perfumer, Sarah McCartney runs a successful perfume studio 4160Tuesdays

Anna Pearce

Dancer, somatic practitioner, pilates teacher and workshop leader for Stop-Gap arts. Anna runs Pilates Corner, in Lyon teaching and running retreats for yoga and pilates.

Eileih Muir

Dancer for Richard Alston choreography and creative director for the up and coming experience dining Flavour And Some.

Ashraf Ejjbair

Ashraf Ejjbair is an actor, having trained at the Oxford School of Drama. Recent credits include: The House of in between (Stratford East), Tale of Two Cities (Film), The Boy From Aleppo Who Painted the War (BBC Radio 4).

Lauren Bridle

Renaissance woman, Lauren Bridle is a performer & seamstress extraordinaire – with a flair for the fantastical and bizarre.

Kitty McGilchrist

Renaissance woman, Kitty McGilchrist, a seamstress, tailor, punk-band front woman.

Stephanie Singer

Creative director of BitterSuite and composer of new theatrical productions in collaboration with BMI.

Linz Nakorn

Dancer, choreographer for multiple companies including BitterSuite and Bristol based collective INTERVAL alongside performing and producing her own work.

Laura Ganotis

Dancer, choreographer and founder of Open Roof Collective.

Lawrence Becko

Creative consultant, fundraiser and producer – Lawrence has worked with The Roundhouse, Sound Connections, Youth Music, Croydon Council and more.

What are people saying

'This is a concert where you don’t just listen to the music – you taste it, smell it and feel it as well' Lyndsey Winship, The Guardian

'Unlike most theatre…actually delicious' Jonathan Ross

'BitterSuite is at the forefront of companies catering to London’s search for the ultimate in immersive theatre'

Why does Rich Mix matter?

'Without it London would be a culturally poorer city'

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Twitter: @Bitter_Suite

Facebook: /BittersuiteUK

Instagram: @BittersuiteUK

Things you should know

Tickets for this event can only be obtained via kickstarter. You need to pledge a certain amount in order to recieve a ticket. Your donation goes towards supporting Bitter Suite's future work, and in return you will recieve a ticket to this special event. Please note, it will not be possible to buy tickets on the door or through the Rich Mix website. 

Suitable for all ages

Allergies will be taken into account but please come ready to tell your dedicated guide any allergy (no matter how rare!)

If you are concerned about the event please email

This is fully accessible event. We encourage all to come - wheelchair users, those with Multi Sensory impairments, complex sensory processing needs, pregnant women, elderly.

This event is wheelchair accessible.