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Kazum presents

The Baghdaddies + MONOOKA

Saturday 26 November
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In a nutshell

The Baghdaddies celebrate 20 years of shamelessly exuberant music.

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In 1996, way way back before the Balkan craze, before Gypsy Remix, Electroswing, and Cumbia Beats, in Newcastle upon Tyne, a band was formed. The Baghdaddies are, incredibly, this year celebrating their 20th anniversary of spreading insane happiness with their exhilarating cocktail of Balkan song, ska, Carribean and Latin grooves, sophisticated Ellingtonesque jazz, and Muse-tastic wall of sound, all shot through with Geordie humour and vocal harmony, and delivered by means of sizzling brass and jangling guitars played with furious energy and theatrical humour. 

This year they follow up their four albums - The Fabulous Sound of Toon Tones (2000), Random Acts of Kindness (2003), Katchyazafta (2005) (Geordie for ‘catch you later’), and Dancylvania (2010) - with a live celebration appropriately entitled Twenty Years Hard Labour. 

Let’s all raise our flat caps to the legendary and trailblazing Baghdaddies and help make their 20th anniversary their best year yet!

What to expect

Baghdaddies blend Balkan, Latin and Geordie, ska grooves and jazz licks in an exuberant and danceable, sophisticated and shamelessly fun 20th anniversary show. Expect some straight-up, in-yer-face Hard Fun.

Support by quirky Romanian songstress Monooka, plus Balkan and Middle Eastern groove by DJ Sebze.

What are people saying

'If Jerry Dammers and Terry Hall had grown up listening to world music, The Specials might have sounded very like the Baghdaddies' Uncut Magazine

'an anarchic fusion where Ivo Papasov meets The Clash meets The Beat' Songlines Magazine

'Traditional and modern dance rhythms, infectious melodies and vocals sung in any number of tongues, meshed together in a seamless cacophony of professionalism and fun. Brilliant.' Big Issue

'The @Baghdaddies were the best band I saw @ShambalaFest by far.'  @Dan_Wrench

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Twitter: @Baghdaddies


Things you should know

Under 18s permitted with an adult.

This event is wheelchair accessible.