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Movimientos & Rhythm Passport Present


Wednesday 1 February
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In a nutshell

The greatest living interpreter of Garifuna music.

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A master of the paranda, a style based around the acoustic guitar that often draws comparisons to the blues for its often bittersweet melodies and sharp social commentary concealed within songs about everyday life. A style deeply African and Latin American at once.  

The Garifuna descend from a mix of Africans who avoided or escaped slavery and the indigenous Arawak people that once populated the islands of the Caribbean. Their history begins on the island of St. Vincent, but following a history of first freedom, then war and exile, the Garifuna now live in about 50 towns on the Caribbean coast of Central America, stretching from Belize, through Guatemala and Honduras all the way to Nicaragua. They are bound together by a common culture that includes veneration of the ancestors, a diet of conch stews and mashed plantains, and the Garifuna language. And, of course, by music.

His latest release, Darandi, is a collection of favourite songs from Aurelio’s career, recorded at Real World Studios to capture the unfiltered sound of his incendiary live performances.

What to Expect

Aurelio will be playing songs from across his career, in what is sure to be a unique show.

Who's Involved

Movimientos is London’s most prolific latin music and events organisation. This year alone they have promoted over 30 events, programming a multitude of festival stages as well as continuing to release UK based Latin acts music via their Movimientos Records imprint.

Rhythm Passport is a free magazine and events listings for open minded, curious, fun loving people who want to discover music from around the world. We also provide a platform for musicians and aim to provide much needed exposure to the industry. As well as providing professional photography and video services for artists and record labels.

What people are saying

'It’s important to conserve our culture because, in the end, there are things we have that the world needs. Now matter how small a culture is, it has lessons to teach' Aurelio

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Things you should know

Suitable for all ages

This event is wheelchair accessible.

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