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Arts Canteen presents

Arab-A-Dub night Featuring El Jehaz

Saturday 16 December
From £10.00
to £12.00

In a nutshell

Bridging the sounds and movements that connect the shores of the Caribbean with the hills of the Galilee, sound system culture meets a late night Palestinian street party

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Dub-key (M.D.B.K) is the cross-path of musical  genres in exodus, in a quest after the sound of home and roots. It's where Dub and Ragga meets traditional Palestinian Dance and flow of Dabkeh. Established in 2009, DJ/Producer Bruno Cruz and Performer/MC Walaa Sbait brought the Dabkeh Dance and Mijwiz sounds to match with the beats of hip-hop and Dancehall, announcing the emergence of the Arab-A-Dub style. Dub-key is a bridge of sound and movement which connects the shores of the Caribbean with the hills of the Galilee into one path of knowledge towards justice and freedom.    

(DJ/Producer Bruno Cruz, MC/Walaa Sbait)

What to Expect

A night of dabke dance and circle dancing and you’ll still surely see lanky legs clumsily stomping to the rhythm. 

Who's Involved

Love Carnival Sound System (London)

Ministry of Dub-key (Palestine)

Hamza Arnaout Aka El Jehaz is a Palestinian/Jordanian musician, song writer and producer. He is best known as the guitarist of the Jordanian band Autostrad (2007-2013) and as a multi instrumentalist member of the act 47SOUL (2013-present). He's also half of the electronic duo Z the People + Eljehaz (2013-present) . He has performed at top international festivals and shows from the Arab world, Europe, USA and the UK.

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Things you should know

For ages 16+

This event is wheelchair accessible.