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Thursday 1 September
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In a nutshell

A big happy party of relentless dancing and playing.

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Amaraterra is the first pizzica ensemble in London – the traditional dance and music from Salento, the 'heel' of Italy.

'U pizzicu' is the poisonous bite of the tarantula spider: in rural Salento, the traditional exorcism to heal from the bite is to dance relentlessly to the frenetic, hypnotic beat of the tambourine till a state of trance is reached and healing is achieved.

Pizzica and tarantella are also the dances of the village fete all over southern Italy, an always welcomed opportunity to socialize and flirt ('pizzica de core') or friendly settle scores through simulated fencing ('pizzica scherma'). 

One of the oldest musical expressions of the mediterranean is brought to you by a group of passionate musicians and dancers living in London and enriching its great and diverse cultural life. The ever present tambourines are accompanied by a variety of instruments – mandola, guitar, mouth organ, recorder, accordion, castanets, the hypnotic singing, and the thumping of dancing feet!


What to expect

Exhilarating fun, dance, music, happiness. Enjoy a night of music and dance in the great setting of the green note. Let yourself go, heal from the bite of the spider!

What are people saying

'If they were Irish, they would be nearer to Shane MacGowan than Len Graham.' Vic Smith, fRoots

Why does Rich Mix matter?

'It is a large venue in the heart of Shoreditch with a beautiful programme dedicated to world music.'

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Twitter: @AmaraterraMusic

Facebook: /amaraterra

Instagram: @amaraterramusic

Things you should know

Suitable for ages 12+

This event is wheelchair accessible.