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Arts Canteen in cooperation with Celebrate Life Events presents


Saturday 10 September
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In a nutshell

Bringing people together through music, film, and stories. Celebrating the musical heritage of Middle East and Greece.

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An evening of powerful, heartfelt performances by some of the best artists from the Balkans and Middle East based in London. 

We’re living in a world that's increasingly filled with sad news from many places, while at the same time, people from all walks of life want to live happy, creative and peaceful lives. 

We all want a better world to live in and a supportive community that allows us to be ourselves. Music speaks a universal language that can touch us all, and the mediums of storytelling and film can inspire and educate allowing us to feel things beyond the words spoken.


What to expect

Exceptional performances from an exciting line up:

Olcay Bayir  

Of Kurdish origin, the Turkish singer-songwriter epitomises the voices, sounds and stories of her native region. Her music sweeps from the Caucasus Mountains through the Black Sea, the Bosporus Strait and Mediterranean Basin at large, from Azerbaijan, Armenia and Georgia to Spain and Portugal.


Mponendis (pronounced Bonnendis) featuring the raw sounds of the Greek islands with the iconic askamandoura (bagpipes), lyra and laouto. Playing traditional tunes as you would hear them on the islands: genuine, powerful and uplifting.


Alia Alzougbi, award-winning, dynamic storyteller with a breadth of tales from around the world, having grown up across the Middle East (Syria, Lebanon, Iraq and Jordan).


Short film with ‘live’ soundtrack featuring the words of Prem Rawat, Peace Ambassador.

Attab Haddad 

Oud player and composer - already confirmed as one of the best in his field, his mastery of the instrument organically places it into new genres such as chamber jazz, flamenco and contemporary music.

DJ Sebastian Merrick

Who’s involved

Arts Canteen

Supporting artists from the Arab worlkd and Middle East 

Celebrate Life

Bringing people together via the Arts. Unity through diversity.

What are people saying

'Coming to something like this opens your heart, and you go back home with a little bit of peace.’ Audience member

’I came to your event a month ago and I found it extraordinary. I just wanted to come back again and feel that feeling.’ Audience member

'I love the whole idea of this event, that it's bringing together diverse cultures and it's a celebration of those cultures that seem separated.’ Audience member

Why does Rich Mix matter?

'London’s cultural HUB.'

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Things you should know

This event is wheelchair accessible.