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Saturday 10 February
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In a nutshell

An all-day of Algerian art scenes featuring mind-teasing work on multiple identities and African belonging through multimedia, performance and music.

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The upcoming art scene of Africa's largest country, Algeria, comes to Rich Mix in full force with a spellbinding showcase of theatre, photography, design, short & feature films, family workshops and live music concerts.

Little known in the UK, and significantly under-represented across British cultural scenes, this programming will take on Algeria's multi-faceted reality in which the participating artists have grown and developed their own work.

Themed around the “Africanity” of Algeria, the festival provides a platform for the Algerian diaspora in the UK, as well as London's diverse audiences, to explore the African dimension of Algeria's identity, not only to celebrate continental belonging, but also to confront the burning issues of rising xenophobia, racial controversies and lack of ties south of the Sahara.

The event will feature a wide range of guests from the Sub-Saharan diaspora in London, bringing together families, friends, their larger artistic communities and of course – you! Free interactive workshops and informal roundtables will be organised both on the day of the festival as well as during the week leading up to the event, bringing together the public with Algerian artists, as well as guest speakers, art critics, cultural journalists and music industry specialists.

What to Expect

A series of free workshop, discussions, and performances will take place from 10am till 9pm starting off with Morning Drums, a drum workshop for kids; A family photo-booth with instant prints; Writing workshop on issues of women, gender and sexuality; Panel discussion on music: how social media is shifting musical tastes for 1.3 billion Africans; Algerian Music jam session led by a Mandol and Oud musician; Henna and temporary tattoos; Panel discussion on the impact of climate change in Algeria; A moving solo theatre performance; Screening of Algerian short movies; Screening of an Algerian feature film and Q&A with director. To see the full programme click here

Who's Involved

Marsm is an events company that promotes the rich and diverse culture of the Arab world across the UK. Uniting the vibrant cultural offerings of the Arab world with UK audiences, it proudly provides a space for the dissenting voices of today’s Middle East.

Oualid Khelifi has worked and lived across four continents as a journalist, a photographer and a filmmaker. His work focuses the juxtaposition of a continent caught between a cultural/economic emergence, and political turmoil. His productions focus on building bridges between North and Sub-Saharan Africa. 

Hicham Gaoua, aka El Moustach is uniquely critical and satirically colorful. Over the past two years, he has emerged as a leading graphic pop-commentator in Algeria's young visual art scene. Establishing his notoriety on social media, El Mustach takes on the country's most sensitive historical, political and social issues, using the most accessible elements in Algerian popular culture.

Rachida Lamri is a London-based Algerian blogger, feminist and activist whose satire and humour tackles issues of gender, relationships and sex. Rachida will run the writing workshop on women and gender issues.

Karim Dellai is an Algerian percussionist who has lived in East London since the late 1980's. He works as a music teacher with children from minority communities and will be running a children and youth percussion workshop on the morning of the festival.

Sofia Djama is a film director and a writer, known for Mollement, Un Samedi Matin (2012), Les Bienheureux (2017) and Les 100 Pas de Monsieur X (2012). She will be participating in a Q&A after a screening of her 2017 feature-length fiction film Les Bienheureux.

Why does Rich Mix matter?

'Rich Mix has a reputation for hosting high-quality programs. Its focus on multiculturalism and its mission to promote diversity and integration makes it a perfect match for the Algerian Community Festival.'

Find out more  / @MarsmUK

Things you should know

Suitable for all ages, yet some talks are aimed at young adults and adults

This event is wheelchair accessible.