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Girls on Film LDN presents

Moving the Goalposts

Wednesday 7 March
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In a nutshell

Girls on Film presents a discussion on the state of women's team sports followed by a screening of the cult classic Bend It Like Beckham.

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A third of all football fans in the UK are women, so why are women being excluded from the narrative? Why are women encouraged to be competitors and not teammates? And why is female sport directed towards how you look and not how you feel? How do we get men involved in the discussion?

Sport for women is so heavily focussed on personal goals, it overlooks other gains you can take from a team sport; social skills that can help you in all aspect of life, from relationships to the workplace.

We will be discussing with insiders why women’s sport is still being overlooked and underfunded – and what improvements are being made. How is the media tide turning if at all, and how do we start to show that women are tough and not afraid to get a bit muddy!!

We hope to show that women’s team sport is important and needed in society today, that it is not scary and IS for everyone.

What to Expect

The night will begin with a short documentary by two young female filmmakers who "moved the goalposts"; an investigative documentary looking at the state of women's football in the UK today, its history and what the future holds. Next we will have a panel discussion with filmmakers and female athletes from the England/GB women's football, rugby and hockey - to diversify the discussion about how important team sports are for women. To end the evening we will screen the modern classic ‘Bend it Like Beckham’.

Who's Involved

Girls On Film
Girls On Film is a female collective comprised of writers, programmers and producers. We aim to collaborate with other female-led organisations and charities to create energising events, promoting female artists as well as conversation about social and political topics that intersect with the arts.

SLOWE is changing the conversation around female teams and athletes by covering them properly. Because women's sport is just sport. SLOWE started as a newsletter publishing the stories of women in sport, an effort to combat the disparity in coverage between men's and women's sports. We produce longform editorial, photographic essays, in-depth interviews, grassroots focussed, creatively engaging sports content.

Goal Diggers FC
Goal Diggers FC is a non-profit club set up in London to make playing football accessible to and enjoyable by women regardless of previous experience or ability.

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Things you should know

Suitable for all ages.

This event is wheelchair accessible.

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