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EEFF2017: SHORTS - Memento

Saturday 17 June
94 mins
From £5.00
to £10.75
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What's it all about?

The remembrance of things past—or sometimes, the forgetting of them—is at the core of this touching selection of films.


Memory Songs

UK | Lucky Kaye | 12 mins

In a synagogue hall in North-West London, a group of elderly people with early-onset dementia gather to find release. Using music and song, they try to reconnect with themselves.



India | Maaria Sayed | 14 mins

Refusing her father’s command to marry, Rukhsana leaves home and takes on a male identity. Years later she returns as Rehan—and is haunted by memories of her life as a woman.



UK | Pratyusha Gupta | 12 mins | @oystersshort

After her sister’s death, Sheena invites Javed, her sister’s ex, for dinner. The attraction is palpable. As their intimacy intensifies, so do Sheena’s memories—and her feelings of guilt and grief.


Artificial White

UK | Federico de Manachino | 12 mins

In a brothel where the women are customisable robots, Adam falls in love with one of them. Unfortunately, her memory is erased at the end of every session.



UK | Markus Meedt | 12 mins

Mimi, an aging cabaret performer, attempts to navigate her way through a once-familiar Soho that is becoming increasingly alien to her.


Green & Yellow

Trinidad and Tobago | Miquel Galofré | 20 mins

Sheldon “Sketch” Aberdeen and Shawn “Yankee” Brown, two men living on the streets of Port-of-Spain, Trinidad, relate their histories and how they came to be where they are today.


A Simple Fracture

UK | Jonny Phillips | 11 mins

While being interviewed for a television programme, an eminent neuroscientist falls down a rabbit hole of his own memory and rediscovers a traumatic and long-suppressed event from his childhood.

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This event is wheelchair accessible.