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BFI London Film Festival: Small Town Crime

Saturday 14 October
91 mins

6:30 pm   |   >>> Thrill <<<

Beer is breakfast for former cop Mike (John Hawkes), an unrepentant loser desperate to get his badge back but burning bridges at every turn. Even his supportive sister Kelly (played with deadpan élan by Octavia Spencer, who is also executive producer on the film) is starting to lose patience with Mike’s lying, drifting and drinking.

But he maintains an unfounded optimism about his career prospects, so when a murdered woman is found by the side of the road our low-rent gumshoe dedicates himself to seeking justice for the Jane Doe. Embarking on his own unofficial investigation, Mike soon stumbles upon a Twin Peaks-style vice ring.

This is a hugely fun, blackly comic sunshine noir in the Elmore Leonard vein, with a great line in bad taste and a satisfying dollop of pulpy genre thrills. Hawkes, channelling a drunk Columbo, dazzles throughout, giving one of his finest performances.

- Kate Taylor

This event is wheelchair accessible.