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BFI London Film Festival: Gits and Shiggles Shorts Programme

Saturday 7 October
101 mins

9:00 pm   |   >>> Laugh <<<

sold out

From relatable smiles to big belly laughs. Dark, dry, witty on-screen humour in its short form.


MORDECHAI (Dir Benjamin Bee. UK 2016. 14min)

Daniel, an ultra-orthodox Jew, hasn’t seen his identical twin brother Mordechai in years. A funny and touching fable about family, faith and the roles we play.


WAVE (Dir Benjamin Cleary, TJ O’Grady-Peyton. Ireland 2017. 14min)

Gasper Rubicon awakes from a coma to a world he can’t communicate with. After falling prey to internet trolls, he gets to experience the other side of social media.


PIPE DREAMS (Dir Christa Jarrold. UK 2017. 9min)

Self-help turns to self-love when Helen can’t find a decent plumber or a decent man and she discovers all she needs is confidence to fix her blockage and her doubts.


MASTERPIECE (Dir Runyararo Mapfumo. UK 2017. 7min)

Perfectly comical #BlackBoyJoy as a group of young men try to interpret their friend’s art so they can save face and show support.


IN BETWEEN TAKES (Dir Alexei Dmitriev. Russia 2017. 7min)

Home videos are even funnier here as the cameraman – the director’s own father – was unaware he was filming.


THE NIGHTMARE ON DESKTEETH STREET (Dir Dylan Holmes Williams. UK 2016. 3min)

Harold Miller is having a seriously bad day when he wakes to find his Little Reds gone. He’s on a mission to be reunited.


FYSH (Dir Billie Pleffer. Australia 2017. 13min)

The story of an old man and the fish that changed his life.


COMEBACK KID (Dir Ian Robertson. UK 2017. 17min)

The dark humour of reincarnation portrayed as a man comes back, bug-eyed and bludgeoned, to avenge his masculinity.


SMEAR (Dir Kate Herron. UK 2017. 4min)

The awkward reality of a first-time smear test made funny by one woman’s crushing femininity.


SCREWBALL! (Dir Adam Tyler. UK 2017. 13min)

A couple of teenagers seem to be set to have sex for the first time, but their exploration of consent may be even funnier than the expected awkward fumbling.

sold out

This event is wheelchair accessible.

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