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Grand Union Orchestra presents

Rhythms and Revolution Show

Sunday 3 December
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In a nutshell

A concert to explore the long history of drumming and rhythm as radical and revolutionary, with members of the Grand Union Youth Orchestra

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Drums and drumming have always been associated with insurgency, a means of gaining attention and gathering momentum; but rhythm can also be more subtly subversive. Throughout musical history – even in European classical music – rhythm has often been the driver of change, whether musical, cultural, social or political.

Join the Grand Union Youth Orchestra for a special concert - the result of a series of workshops with professional jazz and world-musicians from the International Grand Union Orchestra.

What to Expect

'The Grand Union Youth Orchestra will perform a selection of compositions from across the world - all exploring the revolutionary potential of rhythm. 

What people are saying

The Grand Union Orchestra has been making great, radical world jazz in the musical melting pot of London’s East End for thirty years... the way the band uses voices is just so inspiring.’ Duncan Heining, London Jazz News

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Things you should know

Suitable for all ages

This event is wheelchair accessible.