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Art Hoppers presents

EVERYONE A MAKER: Think Big, Draw Big

Sunday 22 October

In a nutshell

The company are inviting participants to take part in this drawing adventure with diverse materials which encourage play and experimentation. Make your own drawing device and explore the unique marks of your invention.

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Part of The 2017 Big Draw festival!

This activity will focus on experimentation and the inventive use of materials, helping us to reimagine how we might draw and make marks on paper. Art Hoppers are interested to see how our bodies can influence the marks we make - perhaps you want to create a drawing device which you wear under your sock, or maybe you'd like to create a tool which attaches to the end of your spectacles so you can see closely what you draw when you move your head...But how would this work if you no longer had the full control of your marks in the way we do with a conventional drawing tool such as a pen or pencil? How would you feel about leaving the responsibility of your mark making down to chance? Get involved to test the results of your own drawing invention!

What to Expect

A room full of materials; cardboard, willow, carbon paper, tape, elastic, wire, pens, pencils and a giant roll of paper.

The challenge: To explore new, exciting ways of making marks on paper. Create a simple drawing device to wear or manipulate! Apply your imagination in the making and your bodies in the marking. The resulting marks will be distinctly your own. Interact with others, or work alone. Watch the clash of marks interact with eachother created by the community of people taking part. We may have a showcase of drawing devises being paraded down a catwalk of paper at the end of the day. Join us and show off your unique drawing skills alongside those of others.

Who's Involved

Claire Ward-Thornton (Art Hoppers) 
Claire is a London (Hackney) based artist and the co-founder / Director of Art Hoppers. Art Hoppers deliver gallery-quality art programmes to early years, primary school children and their families in both educational settings and public spaces. Claire is also an independent illustrator and designer.

What people are saying

“I particularly like the way you engaged with both adults and children, and therefore families to play creatively alongside and with each other.” - Tracy Barbe, Schools & Outreach Officer, Rich Mix

“It was inspiring and now I want to be an artist.”- Zaheer in Munich class, Gayhurst School

Why does Rich Mix matter?

'Rich Mix is a fantastic space for families to explore their love of creativity. We love the access to diverse cultural activities within a friendly and accessible environment. As soon as you're under the Rich Mix roof, the imagination runs wild.'

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Things you should know

Part of The 2017 Big Draw Festival

All ages welcome. Parents required to support their own children.

This event is wheelchair accessible.

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