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Modus Arts presents

Tape Letters

Until Sunday 29 July
Mezzanine Gallery

In a nutshell

An exhibition shining light on the use of cassette tapes as a communication tool by the British Pakistani community.

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TAPE LETTERS is an oral history project aiming to identify, collect and archive messages sent on audio cassette tape by families who migrated to the UK from Pakistan between 1960-1980. The project seeks to unearth, archive and re/present this unusual but practical method of communication carried out by first-wave Punjabi (specifically Pothwari dialect) speaking Pakistanis who settled in Britain, shining light on family life and their experience of migration via the informal and intimate conversations recorded on tape.

What to Expect

A visual exhibition will include large scale photographs of cassettes, interviewees, and text taken directly from the tapes and from first-hand interviews. Also included will be a multi-speaker sound installation presented on the day of the private view and potentially on the last day of the installation.

Who's Involved

Modus Arts is a sound arts organisation based in London, drawing on inter-disciplinary and collaborative approaches to developing sound-based artworks encompassing installations, live performances, acousmatic music, graphical music scores, and sound sculptures.

What people are saying

'When I was a little boy, I remember having to record messages to my relatives in Pakistan. I could never remember how we were related to them and I didn’t know what they looked like.' - Assad Mirza

'I can recall the sound of my mum’s voice when she used to record messages on the tape machine in the living room. It was sort of monotonous and she used to go on about ordinary domestic stuff .I always thought she didn’t have enough to say to fill the tapes' - Umaira Fiyaz

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Things you should know

Suitable for all ages

There is a launch event on Sun 8 Jul - find out more here

This event is wheelchair accessible.