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MARSM presents

Photo & Design Exposition

Until Sunday 25 February
Mezzanine Gallery

In a nutshell

A photography and design showcase highlighting the visual and thematic influences of identity and belonging that shape the work of three exciting emerging Algerian artists.

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The upcoming visual art scene of Africa's largest country, Algeria, is about to take over East London.

Satirical graphic designer El Moustach, as well as photographers Lola Khalfa and Oualid Khelifi, will exhibit their work as part MAWAEF festival whose pilot edition focuses on Africa’s largest country - Algeria.

Through photography and design, this exposition aims to engage the Algerian diaspora in the UK, as well London's diverse audiences, to explore alternative narratives of Algeria's history and identity. The work has been curated not only to celebrate belonging, but also to confront the burning issues of rising xenophobia towards Subsaharan Africa, racial controversies and lack of ties south of the Sahara.

What to Expect

Exposition will open on the Wed 6 Feb to the general public. On Sat 10 Feb, the artists will be present at an all-day event, to present their work and discuss informally with visitors their illustrations of contemporary Algeria and its relationship with the African continent.

Who's Involved

Uniquely critical and satirically colorful, El Mustach has emerged as a leading graphic pop-commentator in Algeria's young visual art scene. Establishing his notoriety on social media, El Mustach takes over the country's most sensitive historical, political and social issues, using the most accessible elements in Algerian popular culture.

Oualid Khelifi documents the juxtaposition of a continent caught between economic emergence and cultural blossoming on one side, and political turmoil and rampant conflict on the other. Drawing on parallels in his native country, Oualid stretches through his photography the exploration of Algerian dilemmas by documenting other case-studies in the continent

Lola Khalfa's photographic exhibition draws from a childhood spent amidst the conflict of 1990s Algeria. It documents her contemporary Algeria through an emotional lens, which swings between a torn past and ambiguous present.

Marsm is an events company that promotes the rich and diverse culture of the Arab world across the UK. Uniting the vibrant cultural offerings of the Arab world with UK audiences, it proudly provides a space for the dissenting voices of today’s Middle East.

Why does Rich Mix matter?

'Rich Mix has a reputation for hosting high-quality programs. Its focus on multiculturalism and its mission to promote diversity and integration makes it a perfect match for the Algerian Community Festival.'

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Things you should know

Suitable for ages 18+

This event is wheelchair accessible.

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