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Ashurst Emerging Artist Prize 2017 presents

How to… Grow Your Art Career

Friday 20 January
Main Space

In a nutshell

Advice from the Art Prize team and art experts, to help guide emerging artists in growing their own career.

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It’s not enough to just create great artwork… you need to get it seen, find interest from press, hope a gallery wants to represent you, deal with potential buyers, build your audience, manage your social media profiles, build a website, send out newsletters and develop your career, all at the same time. In this talk we touch on everything you need to know to tackle hurdles and difficulties, figure out where you are going wrong, and build on all the things you are doing right, so that you can be more focused on your art and being creative.

In this talk we cover all of these things, answer your questions and leave you with our top tips that you can work on straight away to get results now. We are there to meet you before and after too, along with some of the judging panel, and will have some art professionals attending who are looking for new artists for their upcoming projects.

There is limited space available, so RSVP is essential via the online form here:

What to Expect

Things kick off at 5pm where the Art Prize Team will be available for current entrants to drop in and gain advice on any specific questions they have. At 6:30pm we’ll open up to all those attending for a chance to meet and get a drink before the talk. The talk will commence at 7pm, with speakers delivering their advice- followed by a Q&A session. Please stay after the talk to enjoy a drink and chat with each other and the experts on hand.

Who's Involved

Conrad Carvalho - Ashurst Emerging Artist Prize Director, Art Consultant and Managing Director of Oaktree & Tiger, where his focus is on promoting emerging artists to private and corporate clients.

Caitlin Smyth - Business Development and Marketing Consultant working with the Ashurst Emerging Artist Prize as well as individual artists and larger arts businesses to support outreach within the industry, encouraging wider engagement with the arts.

What people are saying

‘It helped me reach a new audience who had not seen my work before.’ – Gina Soden, Shortlist 2015 on the Ashurst Emerging Artist Prize

‘I looked at the calibre of the judges and decided that this was a competition worth entering.’ – Bob Aldous, Shortlist 2015 on the Ashurst Emerging Artist Prize

‘For the first time I have a sense of the people in the processes and felt I could connect with their needs and motivations’ – Attendee of How to Win Gallery Representation Talk

‘Well curated talk, excellent speakers, very informative. The standard of the event was well exceeding any expectations I had when signed up to attending. Excellent ways to engage the crowd.’ - Attendee of How to Win Gallery Representation Talk

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Twitter: @theartprize

Facebook: /ashurstemergingartists/

Things you should know

For ages 18+

RSVP is essential via the online form here:

This event is wheelchair accessible.