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Create Culture presents

Bold - Graphic Design from India

Until Saturday 30 September 2017
Mezzanine Gallery

In a nutshell

A visual feast of posters, zines, film, typography and digital works that reveal the vibrancy and diversity of work underway in India’s visual communications scene.

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The annual Indian Design Platform returns for the third time this September with an exhibition of work by some of India’s leading contemporary graphic designers. The exhibition coincides with the 70th anniversary of India’s independence and 2017’s UK-India Year of Culture, promoted by the British Council.

Bold is the first exhibition to showcase the work of the current wave of Indian graphic designers for whom the ideas of collaboration and sharing are central to their work.

Studios such as Ek Type, Design Fabric, Ishan Khosla Design, Kadak, Design Fabric, Animal and Kulture Shop are developing new ways of inviting participation, creating cultural activity across art disciplines and encouraging sharing and learning within the design community.

Meanwhile, independent designers such as Roshnee Desai and Shweta Malhotra are developing a distinct graphic language that integrates local references, including historical traditions, cultural habits, national symbols, women’s issues and Bollywood.

Some embraced ancient techniques, while others work primarily with new mediums and technology. However, they appear, by and large, to be free from religious boundaries and colonial baggage – driven, instead, by a new cosmopolitanism and pop culture, all the while conscious of their historical influences.

What to Expect

Indianama - a poster exhibition where 70 designers came together to respond to a specific year of the 70 years since India’s Independence.

GIFIXBIT- a collaborative GIF installation

Reading Room by Kadak- a collective of South Asian women who work with graphic storytelling

Indian-Swiss Visual Gradient a special commission produced collaboratively by London based design studio BOB and New Delhi based Ishan Khosla Design

Type Design by Ek Type and The Typecraft Initiative

Works by Roshnee Desai and Shweta Malhotra

Miniature Worlds - A family Workshop on Sep 24 with a focus on  story-telling and illustration techniques.

Who's Involved

Bold is the third edition of Indian Design Platform and is curated by Arpna Gupta, founder of Create Culture and Indian Design Platform.

Create Culture promotes designers, makers and master craftsmen through exhibitions, collaborative projects, design residencies and workshops – with a special focus on contemporary design from the Indian subcontinent. Indian Design Platform is an annual showcase of high-quality contemporary design from India organized by Create Culture.

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This event is wheelchair accessible.