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Margarita Novikova & Elena Michajlowska present

25 Rebellion Rd.

Until Saturday 1 October 2016

In a nutshell

25 Rebellion Road is a transformed space at an imaginary address that encapsulates these energies from 1991 onwards.

Go on…

Come in. Wipe your feet on the doormat. It appears that someone is calling you. You can’t hear it. The ringer of the old green phone is broken. Pick up the receiver. Listen. Take a look around. Here, encapsulated in plastic, is the energy of all the civil uprisings and revolutions of the last quarter of a century. Now, take a seat and look out of the window. You are in an imaginary room at an imaginary address - 25 Rebellion Rd. Have a drink and celebrate with us the last 25 years of rebellions.

The room is a time capsule inspired by the works of Christo and Jeanne-Claude. They altered the outside space by wrapping outdoor objects to imply value. We adopted their artistic method and turned it inside out to convey special value to the content inside of the wrapped space. This room is presented as a time capsule filled with invisible substance. It’s preserved rebellion energy that has been accumulating for the last 25 years.

We have arrived at this idea by working on a documentary project called videoing oral history interviews and collecting documents from the three days of the Soviet Coup d’état of 1991.


What to expect

Expect a transformed space of the Lower Café Gallery.  It’s draped to become an imaginary room like the perpetual hotel room in Kubrik's Space Odyssey or the time-absent rooms in films of David Lynch. There was no window in the Lower Café Gallery, but now you can walk downstairs and look for one.

Also, there is special old rotary phone. The telephone receiver can (and needs!) to be picked up and the items of furniture can be sat on. Welcome to 25 Rebellion Rd.

Who’s involved

Margarita Novikova

Margarita Novikova is an award winning video-artist born in Moscow. In the 1990s she authored documentary films for TV and worked in mainstream journalism. Having graduated from the video art course at Rodchenko School of Photography and Multimedia, she works on video art installations, art projects that include public participation. Award winning filmmaker.

Elena Michajlowska

Originally from the Russian Far East, Elena Michajlowska is now based in London, where she has been working on documentary film productions for a number of years. Having completed an MA in Screenwriting at Westminster University Film School, she is focusing on writing and her work as a co-director of the Anton Chekhov Foundation.

Exhibition soundtrack

Angerfist featuring MC Nolz - Raise & Revolt (Radio Edit)  

What are people saying

'Collective memory about August 1991: is it an area of consent or an ideological war? The art of memory or a disappearing archive?' Radio Free Europe Radio Liberty

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Facebook: /ПутчЁself

Things you should know

The Open House for this exhibition is on 21 Sep, at 6pm in the Lower Cafe Gallery. Then head to the Main Space for Dash Café PUTSCHYOURSELF, an event featuring video, discussion and a DJ spinning tunes 'til late.

This event is wheelchair accessible.