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Kazim Rashid presents

2001: Pressure Makes Diamonds

Until Sunday 30 September
Mezzanine Gallery

Are we living through a global war on Muslims? That’s Kazim Rashid’s belief – and the artist has come out fighting with this powerful and provocative video installation.

British Asian culture entered the mainstream at the dawn of the new millennium – from Goodness Gracious Me to Talvin Singh’s OK. But in 2001, everything changed. Explosive race riots in Oldham, Bradford and beyond were followed by the attacks on the World Trade Center, since then fear, suspicion and Islamophobia have forced Asian culture and Muslim identity into retreat.

Pressure Makes Diamonds is centred on a tri-narrative film focusing on three pivotal 2001 events – the North West riots, Muslim boxer Naseem Hamed’s first loss and 9/11. But it also features new work by other London-based artists from the South Asian, Middle Eastern and Muslim diasporas, all addressing an issue at the heart of life in 21st-century Britain.

Video Installation by Kazim Rashid & group exhibition featuring Sabiheh Awanzai, Abbas Zahedi, Jannat Hussain, Alaa Kassim, Meryem Meg and Vivek Vadoliya

Curated by Loren Elhili

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Things you should know

Please note: The exhibition will be closed Sat 15 Sept from 6pm, and will re-open on Sun 16 at 2pm.

This event is wheelchair accessible.

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