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Tichea Brade and Ella Mesma presents

We Created Our Life

Saturday 3 November
Venue 2
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to £15.00
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'We Created Our Life' is about inspiring and empowering people to create the life they would love.

The event focuses on connection and leadership, because effective communication can be the catalyst for change. In this world where we have become disconnected from ourselves and others, good communication skills can enable real human heart connection, leading to a happier and more connected community.

As well as motivational speakers, workshops and performances and a market place, Tichea Brade and Ella Mesma will ‘break bread’ together in the middle of the day. 'We believe food and conversation are an integral part of making real human connections.' - Ella + Tichea 


Tichea Brade hosting a panel discussion on the theme of the day.
Ella Mesma
Isaac Ouro Gnao
Ahmad Jooma
Helena Reimann
Katy Singh


Judith Quin: Connected Communication For Stronger Leadership:
An interactive workshop including connecting to higher purpose & the power of your voice

Tichea Brade: Leadership: The importance of sharing your knowledge and experiences with others. 

Jay Kast: Leadership through mentoring in the community.

Helena Reimann and Josh Reimann:
A practical and interactive workshop where you discover and learn effective and simple tools to connect and overcome the stress and fear that can stop you from creating the life you desire.

Ella Mesma & David Evans: Leading and following workshop:
Leadership is all about listening! A Kizomba and Contact Improvisation workshop.

Katy Singh:
The importance of connection to the heart (oneself) through meditation or breath-work, how this enables us to reset and feel into the body of what really matters in our lives and why. Providing a mini workshop/ an example of breathwork.


David Evans: Armada

Isaac Ouro Gnao: Film screening of a section from ‘The Oreo Complex’




Ni’Cole Anthony. Natural Haircare.
Maya Gandaia

Plus many more.

Tichea Brade started her brand 'She Created Her Life' as a platform to unite women with the life they truly love. Creating experiences, taking yourself out of your comfort zone, meeting new people and just opening yourself up to the universe and creating the life you really want. Tichea inspires, encourages and empowers other people to do the same. 

Ella Mesma is a British born dancer of mixed heritage, a curator and choreographer. She has been commissioned by leading arts organisations including Sadler's Wells, Dance City and the National Circus Centre. She is the creative vision behind Roots of Rumba a UK Festival of diaspora dance theatre. 

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Things you should know 

Suitable for ages 16+

This event is wheelchair accessible.

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Sat 3 November