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Tate n Lyle presents

This + Timber

Saturday 26 May
Venue 2
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In a nutshell

Two new choreographies of object, gesture and space. Interdisciplinary artists Tate n Lyle present new work, alongside Elinor Lewis with Hannah Parsons.

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In This two idiots explore a pair of collapsible tables, lost somewhere between the rigours of scientific exploration and a childish recklessness. Presenting their discoveries with the limited script of ‘This’ ‘That?' ‘Here’ and ‘There?’ pointing and tapping escalate towards the wild extremes of clattering, shouting and shaking. The unstable demonstratives shift from detail to whole, gesture to pose, position to architecture; and eventually to the emergent and fleeting relations between performer and viewer.

Currently in the initial stages of creation, TIMBER began as an investigation into how an audience's perception can be subverted so that objects are perceived to have autonomy equal to that of the performers. Scrutinising the interplay between monotony, rhythm, suspension and risk, in its current form, TIMBER has moved on to become in a spatial study: one where animate and inanimate forms are both used as players in a hypnotic spatial composition. 

What to Expect

This and TIMBER are performance works for gallery and exhibition spaces. Performed in Rich Mix’s Venue 2, they are watched standing and in the round. Chairs will be available for those at want them.

Who's Involved

Tate n Lyle is the collaborative practice of Rohanne Udall and Paul Hughes, it takes place across choreographic, performance and visual arts contexts. Trained in fine art and philosophy, their playful practice is a meeting point between disciplines; a persistent and fidgeting enquiry that continually questions itself and the contexts it finds itself within.

Elinor Lewis is a performance-driven artist based in London. Her choreography employs the relationship between human and object to investigate themes of risk, space and impermanence. There is a stark minimalism to her choreography that promotes a contemplative stillness within her work.

The development of This is being supported by DanceXchange and Dance4.

TIMBER is being made with the support of the Artsadmin BANNER Award 2017-2018.

What people are saying

'With seemingly not much at all they take us on a kind of journey through perception and meaning, sort of like a trip. A really small one but a trip all the same.' - Hamish MacPherson, artist & researcher on This

'Like a rarefied circus act, it is part minimalist dance, part installation. Mesmerising and nerve-wracking.' - Neil Norman, The Stage on Elinor Lewis' Orchard

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This event is wheelchair accessible.