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Political Bodies - Triple Bill

Friday 28 April
Venue 1
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In a nutshell

From the Windrush to Brexit, this evening experiences the traumatisation of identity, nationalism and culture caused by fear based propaganda.

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the audience will be lead gut-first into an engaging physical and visceral discourse that explores the historical, contemporary and socially internalised aspects of acculturation and our relationship with identity, nationalism and otherness.

Inspired by Enoch Powell's infamous 1968 address "Rivers of Blood" addressed the 'immigrant invasion' of the Windrush era. The piece with the same title, internalises and embodies the trauma that comes with the propagated fear of a foreign cultural in Britain. As the decades have rolled by the high expectations that only followed rejection, did they vindicate Powell's notion of anarchy or was the explosion ignited from within?

This unanswered debate gives way as Buskin’ Boy, a semi-auto biographical piece, breaks the fourth wall and invite audience to walk in his shoes; telling a story that brings to life the reality of what it meant to be marginalised in the political era of the “Super Predator”. The voice is by turns of hopeful and youthful generation frustrated and angry, hopeful and sad. If, in Rivers of Blood, the audience were treated to the spectacle of how the body can speak; here also is a demonstration of how words can dance.

And finally, Race Tracks brings the programme to a bold and satirical close as a full cast of ethni-letes wrestle, hurdle, jump, argue and sprint their way through a social commentary piece on the underlying dynamics of racial politics and cultural frictions as they compete for acceptance and cultural integration. We undress what could be a more sinister undercurrent of the British multicultural extravaganza and wander open its insidious spectacle.

What to Expect

A diverse range of art forms collide in a creative symphony. Beatbox, contemporary dance, hip hop, capoeira, spoken word, uk underground jazz, waacking and krump, all transform in the story telling of finding humanity in a world occupied by racial identity and otherness.

Who's Involved

Dancer and choreographer Sean Graham has been the recipient of a Trailblazers Award (2008) from the Association of Dance of the African Diaspora (ADAD), a Marion North Choreographer Mentorship Award from the Trinity-Laban Conservatoire (2009) and a temporary Resident Artist in partnership with State Of Emergency Ltd and The Bernie Grant Arts Centre (2007).

Companies and choreographers he has worked with include; Luca Silvestrini (Protein Dance), Alesandra Seutin (Vocab Dance), Tony Adigun (Avant Garde Dance), Robert Hylton, Cindy Claes, Bricolage Dance Company (Anna Buonnomo - Italy), Adesola Akinleye and Barrowland Ballet (Scotland).Graham’s work has been staged at The Southbank Centre, Peacock Theatre, Richmix, Stratford Circus, The Place Theatre, The Royal School Of Ballet, The Royal Opera House, Sadler's Wells and Olympia stadium.

Live music and visuals by DJ Psykhomantus (Breakin' Convention

Musical Composition by Gemma Weekes

Beat box by Maverick

What people are saying

'Rivers of Blood offers more insight in a few minutes than most politicians/artists have managed in years. Beautifully crafted and intelligently performed it combines a range of contemporary dance styles including jazz. It demonstrates the ability of dance to speak when words have failed.' Dr Nathalie Teitler 

'Sean's solo was a brave and beautiful work entering into an intelligent and thought provoking discourse. Engaging lighting, enthralling dancing and an important message. You need to see this work.' Ella Mesma

'Race Tracks was a spectacular, boundary pushing, thought provoking work. Thank you for creating.' Robert Kazandjian

Why does Rich Mix matter?

'Rich Mix makes room for everybody and as much diverse culture as possible.  It supports a quality of life for the people and the people support Rich Mix. It is a leader in the arts in that artists a collaborating and crossing artistic cultures increasingly more often and this is reflected in Rich Mix’s entertainment provision and artistic programming.'

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Things you should know

This event is suitable for ages 16+

Latecomers welcome between performances

This event is wheelchair accessible.