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Political Bodies - Triple Bill

Friday 28 April
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In a nutshell

From the Windrush to Brexit, this evening experiences the traumatisation of identity, nationalism and culture caused by fear based propaganda.

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Three works that delve into the effects of assimilation, integration and multiculturalism on individuals and the wider British society throughout recent history. Audiences are lead gut-first into an engaging physical and visceral discourse that interacts with the historical, internal and civil aspects of our relationship with otherness.

The audience is plunged, as Rivers of Blood begins, into the centre of a charged debate between disembodied commentators; a debate which casts them in the role of eavesdroppers as well as spectators of the piece. Over the course of ten minutes, they are compelled to identify with the dancer, whose body represents the human battlefield over which the torrent of words rage; humanizing the ageless debate on identity and belonging that so often seems to fire over our heads. The body transmits its own message through frantic, joyous, powerful, wild and dangerous movement; speaking in a language that transmits the depth of our shared desperation to be heard and understood.

The debate eventually gives way to silence, and as Buskin’ Boy, a semi-auto biographical piece, starts, a new voice is introduced that speaks directly to the audience, breaking the fourth wall and inviting them to walk in his shoes; telling a story that brings to life the reality of what it meant to be marginalised in the political era of the “Super Predator”. The voice is by turns youthful and angry, hopeful and sad. If, in Rivers of Blood, the audience were treated to the spectacle of how the body can speak; here also is a demonstration of how words can dance.

And finally, Race Tracks brings the programme to a bold and satirical close as the full cast wrestles, hurdles, jumps, argues, struts and sprint their way through an ambitious commentary on the underlying dynamics of racial politics in Britain. The audience is tickled and condemned just as the 'ethni-letes' are. All the themes addressed during the course of the evening find expression in this metaphoric sporting event where the prizes are ephemeral but the cost is very real.

What to Expect

Three pieces using live music, spoken word, beat box, hip hop and dance theatre.

There will be a solo, a quartet and six artist piece.

We will hold short discussions/Q&A regarding the work as part of the evening.

There will be a short opening act showcasing work produced by participants who have attended workshops attached to the event.

Who's Involved

SEAN GRAHAM (FBO Creative Director)

Dancer and choreographer Sean Graham has been the recipient of a Trailblazers Award (2008) from the Association of Dance of the African Diaspora (ADAD), a Marion North Choreographer Mentorship Award from the Trinity-Laban Conservatoire (2009) and a temporary Resident Artist in partnership with State Of Emergency Ltd and The Bernie Grant Arts Centre (2007).

Companies and choreographers he has worked with include; Luca Silvestrini (Protein Dance), Alesandra Seutin (Vocab Dance), Tony Adigun (Avant Garde Dance), Robert Hylton, Cindy Claes, Bricolage Dance Company (Anna Buonnomo - Italy), Adesola Akinleye and Barrowland Ballet (Scotland).Graham’s work has been staged at The Southbank Centre, Peacock Theatre, Richmix, Stratford Circus, The Place Theatre, The Royal School Of Ballet, The Royal Opera House, Sadler's Wells and Olympia stadium.


Tyrone Isaac-Stuart dances for Boy Blue Entertainment and Co-leads the duo Parshmaune. His aim is to explore & express the intersections of music, dance & culture.

Dancing since 2005, it was in 2011 that Tyrone got his first break as he was successfully accepted into the Boy Blue Entertainment Adult Company. It was also through his first teacher Brendan ‘Syxx’ Isaac that Tyrone met Sean Graham; Tyrone originally played the saxophone in his 2010 piece ‘Buskin Boy’. He then began to work and train with Sean in the UK underground Jazz. 5 years later, Tyrone is reunited with Sean through the works of FBO.


A natural born Dancing Clown raised in the days of Hip Hop’s birth in Europe, MoSean acquired his skills hand to mouth. His early work with the “Egypt” Ealing Young People’s Theatre won several awards and as a result he was awarded a scholarship to study at The Desmond Jones School of Mime and Physical Theatre. This was supplemented by courses in clowning and magic at the early incarnation of London's Circus Space, training with clown masters such as Avner The Eccentric, Phillipe Gaulier, Ricky Zoltwski, Gerry Flanagan, Nola Rae, John Mowat and Jango Edwards. He subsequently joined the clown dance troupe "The SunDoObies" on a tour of festivals around the UK. MoSean committed 12 years of touring in the show STOMP including the West End and 4 years off Broadway. MoSean is currently working on solo projects and collaborating with various companies.


Aneta is a professional dancer and capoeira teacher. She obtained a double MA degree from the Anton Bruckner Universität in Austria, studying movement research and dance pedagogy. She has been working on a movement research projects exploring a possible exchange of experiences between contemporary dance and capoeira. in Brazil, Austria and Poland. Currently she is working as an independent dancer. choreographer and teacher and participates in many dance projects, conducting her pedagogic, choreographic work and promoting Contemporary Dance Capoeira Fusion classes. Apart from her work in an artistic capacity Aneta Zwierzyńska promotes dance and capoeira in socially excluded environments.

Plus FBO artists Frank Wilson, Theo Alade, Si Rawlinson, Yoshi XBS, Aneta Zwierzynska, Tyrone Isaac Stuart and Mo Sean Edwards.

What people are saying

'Rivers of Blood offers more insight in a few minutes than most politicians/artists have managed in years. Beautifully crafted and intelligently performed it combines a range of contemporary dance styles including jazz. It demonstrates the ability of dance to speak when words have failed.' Dr Nathalie Teitler 

'Sean's solo was a brave and beautiful work entering into an intelligent and thought provoking discourse. Engaging lighting, enthralling dancing and an important message. You need to see this work.' Ella Mesma

'Race Tracks was a spectacular, boundary pushing, thought provoking work. Thank you for creating.' Robert Kazandjian

Why does Rich Mix matter?

'Rich Mix makes room for everybody and as much diverse culture as possible.  It supports a quality of life for the people and the people support Rich Mix. It is a leader in the arts in that artists a collaborating and crossing artistic cultures increasingly more often and this is reflected in Rich Mix’s entertainment provision and artistic programming.'

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Twitter: @fbo_theatre

Things you should know

This event is suitable for ages 16+

Latecomers welcome between performances

This event is wheelchair accessible.

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Fri 28 April

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