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Mbulelo Ndabeni, Yinka Esi Graves and the Yemalla Drummers present

N'Da Dance Workshop

Saturday 16 September
Venue 2

In a nutshell

Workshops expanding on the NaY Triple Bill with: the Cunningham Technique, South African and flamenco dance and drumming.

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In a day across three workshops different aspects of the NaY Triple Bill showcase will be explored. Influenced by the diverse cultures that were represented in the collaborations with N’da Dance Company, Yinka Esi Graves and the Yemalla Drummers through works that offered new and unique viewpoints in dance the public is invited to share in the making process behind the production.

An opportunity to further develop or introduced members of the public and community members to work that was created to honor ‘difference’ on a stage. Where the understanding of ‘other’ is examined and in which a positive perspective of society in our current context is explored.

Participants will be unpacking the ways in which the artists have investigated and celebrated their art forms.

What to Expect

10am - 11:30am - Professional Class

Cunningham Technique – Taught by Mbulelo Ndabeni

Focusing on strength, technicality and the dynamic use of the entire body.

11:45pm - 14:00pm - Open Level

Workshop based on Repertoire - Taught by Mbulelo Ndabeni and Yinka Esi Graves

Eclectic mix of Flamenco and South African dance.

14:00pm - 14:45pm - Lunch

14:45pm - 16:30pm - Open Level – All Ages - FEMALE ONLY workshop

Drumming and Singing – Taught by the YEMALLA Drummers

The exploration of the fusion of Caribbean and African drumming.

16:30pm - 17:00pm  - Wrap up and end of session.

Who's Involved

Mbulelo Ndabeni | Founder/performer/choreographer/movement director and artistic director of N'da Dance Company. South African born Ndabeni trained in African Dance, Contemporary and Ballet. He has worked with companies such as Cape Town City Ballet, New Adventures, Rambert, Cape Dance Company. Ndabeni is a movement director for Royal Shakespeare Company.

Yinka Esi Graves| A British Flamenco dancer. Her dance journey has taken her from ballet, jazz and afro-Cuban dancing at a young age, to studying Flamenco in Spain in the world renowned school Amor de Dios with artists such as La Lupi, Manuel Reyes and Pepa Molina.

YEMALLA drumming and singing company| African Goddess of the Sea is a nurturing energy that soothes and is representative of the mother who does not give her power away.  Spirit is the key to everything we desire practiced through our common interest and love of the African drum, song and dance.

Fayola Timberlake | is the Founder of UooLike which is an Online Video Platform promoting Music, Fashion and Culture. UooLike aims to not only promote talent and give them exposure but to inspire, connect and give people a voice to express themselves through video content.

What people are saying

'There is an energy and drive to Mbulelo's work that is inspirational and exciting’ Susannah Kraft Levene

'Mbulelo Ndabeni, Thank you so much for a bold, extraordinary and satiating work.' Katy Noakes – Programmer

'Your work was so powerful and moving, it was fantastic.' Ellen Chambers – DCD

Why does Rich Mix matter?

'Rich Mix has a strong diverse programming from dance, family events, music and exhibitions. As an artist that is building an audience for his work and company Rich Mix is the perfect place to present my work and connect to my African community through its open and diverse following and programming.'


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Things you should know

This event is wheelchair accessible.