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Kizomba UK presents

Batuke! 2017 Festival: Opening Night

Friday 25 August
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In a nutshell

Established in 2010, BATUKE! is the only Afro-Luso festival in London and opening night is always one to remember! Participants who have booked months in advance start arriving from all corners of the UK and far beyond, including a large contingent of Euros from Germany, Spain or France! 

Afro-Luso: African countries of Portuguese expression, referred to as Afro-Luso, include Angola, Cape-Verde, Mozambique, São Tomé & Príncipe, with influences from Brazil, Portugal and other European & Afro-Caribbean regions.

Go on...

You know you want it: learn the dance that is taking over the world of partner dancing by storm: KIZOMBA! The opening night of BATUKE! Festival is meant to suit all levels and will take you through a musical journey spanning Kizomba, Zouk, Semba as well as plenty of Afrobeats. Come Friday and you’ll probably end up spending the week end with us as the event continues throughout Saturday and Sunday!

What to Expect

Doors open at 8pm, with a FREE giant Kizomba class at 9pm, running simultaneously across 3 levels. Join the friendly Studio Afro Latino team led by trailblazer Iris De Brito, as well as other London based Kizomba talents for a welcome party to remember. Performances will briefly interrupt BATUKE! 2017 DJs skilful mixes, as well as an artists presentation around midnight.

BATUKE! Festival is a 4 day multicultural arts festival in London offering participants a highly immersive experience of Afro-Luso culture through music & dance. At Rich Mix since 2016, expect an exciting array of workshops, seminars, screenings and social dancing from Friday night onwards + parade at Notting Hill carnival on Monday.

Who's Involved

2017 line-up features groundbreaking artists alongside the most exciting new talents from around the UK, Europe and Africa: Iris De Brito (UK), Chantal Loial (Guadeloupe), GOP Dancers (UK), Master Petchu & Vanessa Carvalho (Angola), Cazuza Kinvula (Angola), Vitor Mendes & Ivona (Cape-Verde / Czech Republic), Akram & Sevda (Holland), Alesandra Seutin (UK), Diene Waw Wa Sagna (Senegal), Akosua Boakye (Ghana), Richard Voogt (South Africa), Jay Jay (UK) and an exclusive line up of DJs from around the globe: DJ Marito (Portugal), DJ Pakassa (France), DJ Ele (Spain) and DJ B (Angola).

Find out more (website) / @KizombaUK (Twitter) / Kizomba UK (Facebook) / Kizomba.UK (Instagram)

Things you should know

Buy a Weekend Pass for just £50 and get access to all events happening as part of BATUKE! at Rich Mix.

This event is wheelchair accessible.