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Until Saturday 3 June 2017
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In a nutshell

A gripping visual and sound experience reaching the most fragile and vulnerable corners of the human nature.

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“The living need light and the dead need music”- Vietnamese proverb

Đẹp is the Vietnamese word for beautiful. With his latest dance work, the UK based choreographer Dam Van Huynh explores influences from his South East Asian heritage. In Vietnamese culture, death is also a form of rebirth. When a person dies, the family and community enact rituals that will enable the deceased to pass into another realm, a higher state of being.

The work sees a shift in Van Huynh's movement language as it delves ever deeper into the true nature of the human condition. The dancers in ĐẸP are nude for a purpose. Fragile and vulnerable, their nudity literally strips them bare. Disrobed, free of distraction, their movement begins at the point where the mind transcends the physical self. Amplified and tracked by Martyna Poznanska's numinous score, the movement in ĐẸP depicts a ritualistic trance with no beginning and no end.

Supported using public funding by Arts Council England.

Research supported by Centre 151Canterbury Christ Church UniversityHomotopiaKings PlaceNSCDLCDSBath Spa UniversityThe Place.  

What to Expect

ĐẸP involves six performers and a music soundscape composed by Martyna Poznańska, drawing inspiration from traditional Vietnamese folk tunes. The performers - in the nude throughout the piece – capture the idea of death and rebirth through an impressionistic approach of space and movement.

Who's Involved

Dam Van Huynh

Originally from Vietnam, Dam is a UK based dancer/choreographer and Artistic Director of Centre 151, home base of his own company Van Huynh Company. His work is distinctive, reflecting his deep interest in redefining the body and its movement capability. He collaborates closely with musicians and composers, and creates works internationally. 

Martyna Poznańska

Martyna is a sound artist investigating environmental sounds, noise within urban environments, associations between sounds and objects, and performative aspects of listening. Her work features composed music created with field recordings, installations, situational performances and live improvisation.

She studied at University of the Arts and is currently studying at UdK.

What people are saying

'Dam Van Huynh is in his own very stylised world, and has perfected the art of drawing an audience into it.' - CriticalDance Forum

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Twitter: @VanHuynhCo

Things you should know

Suitable for ages 12+

This work contains full frontal nudity. The online trailer contains full frontal nudity.

Latecomers permitted at 1 point only - around 10mins into show. Latecomers will not permitted entry before or after this point.

This event is wheelchair accessible.