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Taylor-Benjamin Associates presents

Coming to England with Floella Benjamin Film Education Study Day

Friday 13 October
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In a nutshell

Coming to England is an inspiring story of how Floella adjusted to the challenges of her new life in Britain with the spirit and good humour for which she is known.

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Floella Benjamin will introduce the screening and will lead a discussion of the film afterwards. Floella gives a very engaging, frank talk and gives expansive answers to pupils’ questions touching on issues of bullying and racism. Her inspiring approach is very uplifting for pupils and this event attracts returning visits from schools year after year.

Who's Involved

Floella Benjamin is well-known as a presenter of children’s TV classics Playschool, Playaway and latterly, performing in Sarah Jane’s Adventures. She is also a member of the House of Lords and is renowned for her charity work and stance on supporting children.

Event developed by BFI Education. 

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Things you should know

If you're interested in attending or bringing a school group, please get in touch with

Prices are £2 per pupil and £1 per accompanying adult

For Tower Hamlets Schools 

This event is suitable for ages 7-11

This event is wheelchair accessible.