Booking Form Help

To get your event online so we can start marketing it, we need your booking form filled out. We know it looks daunting, but it don't be scared! All we want is for you to talk about what you know best: your work.

Here's a step-by-step guide to what we are looking for:

1. The Basics
1.1 Event Title
1.2 Event Date / Time
1.3 Target Audience
1.4 Your Press/Marketing Contact email
2. Your copy
2.1 Short Copy
2.2 Genres
2.3 ... Presents
2.4 Suitable for ages
2.5 In a nutshell
2.6 Go on...
2.7 What to expect
2.8 Line Up
2.9 Who's involved
2.10 What are people saying
2.11 Other housekeeping messages
2.12 Why does Rich Mix Matter?
3. Websites, Videos & Social Media Links
4. Images

The Basics

Event Title

The title of your event. Please keep this as short as possible, and steer clear of sub headings, colons and dashes. Long titles look cramped on our website and print, and are hard to read.

Event Date / Time

The time and date of your event, as stipulated on your contract.

Target Audience

The answer to this should never include the word 'everyone'.

The temptation for a lot of artists is to make their target audience as broad as possible, but odd as it might sound, it is really hard to target 'everyone'. Even huge artistic juggernauts like Shakespeare don't appeal to 'everyone'. Heck, even some Shakespearean productions don't always appeal to Shakespeare fans. 

Try to narrow down your audience as much as possible, for example: LGBT+ fans of spoken word aged between 18-30.

Your Press/Marketing Contact email

We sometimes get approached by the press for quotes/images etc, or we may just have a question about your booking form. Who is the best person to get in touch with about this?

Your copy

Short Copy

This copy is used by us to send out with our press listings, in brochures and all sorts of other places. 

It's only 30 words, so make them count. Don't waste your words on: your company name, the name of your event, the date or time, the venue, saying it is happening at Rich Mix, the ticket price (even if it's free). Instead focus on what type of event it is, and what will be happening.


Here is where you can categorise your event. Pick up to three words which best describe your event. You can highlight them, delete the ones you don't want, make them bold, or mark them with an asterisk - whatever makes them stand out. Do not select more than three (our system only allows for three, so any extras will just be discarded).

Also, don't add any words. These genres help link our events together (you can see them in action at the bottom of any event webpage in the 'you might also like' section). If you put in a word no one else is using, then your event won't be linked to anyone else's (which I'm sure you can appreciate, is not ideal).

... Presents

Give us the name of your company or organisation. This line will appear above your event title on the website.

Suitable for ages

If you have any age restrictions on your event, this is the place to tell us. This may be because of swearing or explicit content (Suitable for ages 18+), or because it is targeted to children (Suitable for under 5s).

In a nutshell

Similar to the short copy above, here is where you need to sell your event in a very limited amount of words (only 20!). This copy is used in our newsletters as well as appearing as a summary of your event on the What's On pages of the website, so it's worth spending a bit of time on.

As with the short copy, don't waste your word count on information that is mentioned elsewhere, like your company name, the name of your event, the date or time, the venue, saying it is happening at Rich Mix, or the ticket price.

Go on...

This is your place to shine and tell us what makes your event special. You've got 200 words to play with, which is enough to give readers a good overview.

This section appears directly under the 'In a nutshell' section of the events pages, so there is no need to repeat that information (it will look a bit strange if you do).

Do use friendly, jargon free language to talk about your event

Do Not use ten dollar words that no one understands

Do write in third person

Do not use words like 'I' or 'we' (remember that this will mean Rich Mix, not you or your company)

Do write about the actual event, whether this be the style of music or the synopsis to your play

Do Not write a biography (this will come later)

Do tailor your information for us

Do Not copy and paste stuff from your own website

What to expect

As part of our aim to be as inclusive and accessible as possible, we'd like to tell people exactly what they can expect from an event. While it may be obvious to you that you play jazz fusion/recite poetry sometimes it is not always clear to someone who isn't a regular at those sorts of shows.

Talk about whether audiences will be expected to get involved in any way, if there is a Q&A afterwards, if they'll be sitting on the ground or moving around, if there are strong visual elements at a gig, or music elements at a visual arts exhibition.

Line Up

This is where you can list the people involved in your event, whether it be the cast and creative, members of a panel taking part in a discussion, or musicians in the band.

These will get listed in a box on the right hand side of your event page.

Who's involved

Who are you and how did you come to be putting on this event? 

This is the place to talk about your background. Keep it short (under 50 words).

What are people saying

Has someone said something cool about your event? Here's the place to show off.

Whether it's from an audience member, a national newspaper, or your mum, keep it short (anything more than a sentence begins to look a bit clunky - sorry, mum), and remember to tell us who said it!

Other housekeeping messages

These will appear at the bottom of the page under 'Things you should know'. We put all sorts of important information here, from the age guidance you provided above, to wheelchair accessibility (Rich Mix is fully accessible by the way), and whether the event is seated or standing. 

If you have anything else important to tell audience (like the use of strobe lights, or dietary issues if you are serving food) please let us know here.

Why does Rich Mix Matter?

Not to toot our own horn (but we are going to anyway) we think we are pretty special. This is a nice spot to share why you love us so much. Some artists like to talk about how we helped them make their event happen, others say how their event has local significance, making their presence at Rich Mix extra special. This section isn't compulsory, but it is nice.

Websites, Videos & Social Media Links

Here we ask for all your channels. We post them under the 'Find out more' section on your event page.


Give us the URL of your website


Please give us direct links to your favourite videos, not just to your channel. Much as we would love to spend a day watching all your stuff, it's better if you give us a clear idea about which videos tell your story most effectively. These need to be on vimeo or youtube so we can embed them on your event page.

Please bear in mind that your event pages are visible to everyone, and our website has a very broad reach. While your event may be 18+, please make sure the videos are kept PG 13.


Your Twitter handle, and any hashtag you might be using to talk about your event.


Please, please, please, get yourself a 'vanity' Facebook page. It's free and really easy to do and means we can link this: /yourname rather than this (not very pretty, is it?)


This might sound obvious, but please make sure your account is public and is packed full of images before sending this to us!


Images are incredibly important to help sell your show. Have a browse around our website to see what stands out to you. It's hard to quantify what makes a good show image, but here are a few guidelines on what we are after:

Do send us a LARGE image (preferably AT LEAST 3,000 x 2,000 pixels). Not sure how big your image is? The file size should be over 1MB.

Do send us at least one landscape (horizontal) image. As you can see from our event pages, we have a great big long image at the top of the page. Portrait images will need to be cropped and don't always look that great. Have portrait images as well? Great! Send those too, and you might see you image gracing the posters in our windows.

Do send us more than one image 

Do not just send us your logo

Do not send us images with any writing on them (yes, this includes the name of your show). This is for a number of reasons 1) we will crop your image, and it is incredibly hard to crop images without cutting off text 2) when we resize them for the newsletter, the text will be illegible 3) Facebook does not like images with text on them and will actually show our Facebook posts to less people if the images we use have text (they're mean like that).

Do send us more images as and when you get them (we love rehearsal shots!)

And that's it! Just send your completed form to and we'll do the rest.