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In the Gallery: Nazy Raouf's 'Bulldog Clips'

The Artist behind our recognisable imagery for TAKEOVER festival, Ellis Lewis-Dragstra, has curated an exhibition of artists whom have not necessarily exhibited before. Taking to Instagram to find undiscovered young artists, he has pulled together an honest, fresh and unpretentious exhibition that really focuses on the most important thing - the artists behind the work - in a no frills kind of way. The exhibition is free, and available to visit throughout the duration of TAKEOVER festival in the Lower Café Gallery.

The Talented Rich Mix Team: Issue 2

This month we get to know Matt Whayman our Visitor Services Manager.

Matt is a lifelong fan of live performance and is also a theatre producer. You can guarentee a warm welcome and a smile from Matt and his enthusiasm and passion for all things Rich Mix really shines through.

Previously, Matt has worked all over the world as airline crew, in retail, and for several London based arts organisations so has a rich and varied Customer Service background.


The Talented Rich Mix Team: Issue 1

In the first of our Meet the Team series, we get to know our Executive Co-ordinator, Lucy Knight.

A long standing member of the team, Lucy has a background in theatre production, with an MA in Advanced Theatre Practice from Central School of Speech and Drama.

She provides dedicated support to the CEO and senior management team and is the main point of contact for the Board of Trustees, tenants, stakeholders and partners.

Our First Memories of Disney

Live-action Beauty and the Beast - Coming to Rich Mix 17 March!

'Disney' – that name has evolved to mean many things since it’s inception with the silent 'Alice' comedies and 'Oswald the Lucky Rabbit' in 1923. In the following years, their pioneering artwork and animation style set them apart. Fast forward to 1937, and with 'Snow White and The Seven Dwarfs', Disney cemented their place as an iconic feature-fillm studio.

RICH MIX: Access All Areas - Apples and Snakes

Apples and Snakes are the leading poetry and spoken word organisation in the country, and have been producing engaging and transformative work since they were established in 1982. Alongside producing, curating and commissioning their way to the top, they regularly do outreach work with marginalised and at-risk communities, and nurture and support spoken word artists – including a few big names you’ll recognise.

RICH MIX: Access All Areas - Sound Connections

Sound Connections are a key organisation in music education in London, and are based here at Rich Mix. Initially established in 2002, they are the lead advocates for music education in the capital, and over the last 10 years, have worked, through partnerships, to strengthen the music sector, bridge gaps in provision and deliver landmark music programmes. I met with the Director of the organisation, Philip Flood, to find out more about Sound Connections and discuss the life-enriching work they do…