In this issue we find out more about our Programming Coordinator, Natasha Clark...

In the role of Programming Coordinator, once the Artistic Director has curated the programme she organises the nuts and bolts of the events and makes sure Rich Mix deliver the artistic vision, within the capabilities of our building. This can mean a lot of running around, admin and coming up with creative and practical solutions to artists requests.

Natasha studied Arabic and French BA at Leeds University, and as part of this lived in Alexandria, Egypt for a year during 2011/2012, just after the revolution.


· How long have you been part of the Rich Mix team? 

2 years.


· What is your favourite thing about working at Rich Mix? 

The every day variety of it! 

One of the less obvious reasons why I love working at Rich Mix, is that I have fallen upon so many amazing rehearsals – operettas, Syrian Music Ensemble, big bands – during my lunch break. Not many other people can say they got to listen to live music whilst eating a sandwich, at work!


· What surprises you most about working at Rich Mix? 

The stories and questions artists pose in so many different ways.


· How did you end up working in the arts? 

I studied languages and wanted to find out more about different cultures, beyond grammar, so I delved into the arts.


· What do you like doing in your spare time? 

I’m a dancer, so dancing, eating up new cultures (not just food!), and studying Arabic.


· Who inspires you? 

My mum.


· Describe Rich Mix in five words. 

Open, eclectic, affordable, educative, determined.


· How do you pass the time on your commute? 

I’m a cyclist, so avoiding lorries and buses, or if on the tube, I’m nearly always reading a book.