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It’s fair to say Phrased Differently are making waves in the music industry. The music publishing & artist management company has called Rich Mix home for the last 6 years, and have slowly but surely grown, now inhabiting the whole of our West Basement. Their writers have been credited on a staggering number of huge hits around the world since the company’s birth in 2006, with hits like Little Mix's ‘Move’, and ‘How Deep is Your Love’ by Calvin Harris & Disciple, and their talents have earned them BMI awards, an MTV VMA award, and a BRIT award! I caught up with the team – CEO Hiten, A&R Manager Dan, and Creative Coordinator Claudia - to find out more…

In your own words…who are you, and how would you describe you work?

Hiten - The romantic version or the real version? Phrased Differently is a collective of dreamers, music publishing company and artist management company investing in human talent. That was the romantic version. The real version is – we’re a music publishing company that develop songwriters and artists. We have 7 studios here where we write constantly, and the aim is to try and help our writers that we’ve signed achieve success, either as songwriters or as artists.

Why Rich Mix?

Hiten - We heard that there was a room available, and we basically came in and asked if we could hire it. So we started off with one room 6 years ago. Over those 6 years, we’ve added a room or two a year, and now we have the whole West basement. We’ve had growing pains. We couldn’t all fit in one room, we all needed our own rooms. And now we’ve probably got to the stage where we need more studio space.

What was your favourite song of 2016 and why?

Dan Bruno Mars - 24K Magic.

Claudia Kehlani – Gangsta

HitenZara Larsson – Lush Life. I dedicate that one to someone who is no longer with us…

What was your favourite artist of 2016 and why?

Dan – Diplo or Skrillex. No, Diplo. Working in the industry, people always give references to what kind of songs they want, and somewhere somehow it always leads back to a song that he’s involved in. He’s part of Major Lazer and Jack Ü, and that whole sound is Diplo. Half the Justin Beiber songs are Diplo. Yeah.

Claudia – I think 21 Pilots. I just love how they’re so versatile – I used to follow them before, and this year they’ve blown up so much.

Hiten – The Weeknd. Because it’s amazing how much success they’ve had only working 2 days a week! No. Just how they’ve basically taken over all streaming platforms. They’re cool and commercial at the same time.

What was your favourite album of 2016 and why?

Hiten – It’s got to be The Weeknd – Starboy

Dan – I’m probably going to go with 24K Magic again. It’s between that and The Weeknd – Starboy. But really, it’s 24K, because I can name every single song on the record.

Claudia – David Bowie – Black Star. Or Sia – This is Acting.

What was your highlight of 2016?

Claudia – Signing 5 new writers! The more the merrier!

Dan – My highlight was getting another BMI award – which is an award getting over 150,000 plays on a song in the USA. Going up there to get it was when it hit me – like wow, this is actually a big deal. To be credited for a song from the UK as well. Seeing everyone else who won – Sony, etc - huge names, faces you only see in magazines. And to know the amount of money they’ve put to get to where they are, and to see us competing on that level and winning was great!

Hiten – Winning our first MTV VMA. And having 3 BRIT award nominations for the first time. (He also got a BRIT nomination for A&R Manager of the Year!)

What are you looking forward to in 2017?

Hiten - We’re genuinely excited about all of our writers, because they’ve all got something really positive to shout about. I think in particular, we’ve got singles coming up with Disciples, who are signed to Parlophone in the UK, which we’re really excited about. We’ve got a single coming out with DJ Fresh and Digital Farm Animals which we’re really excited about. And in the summer, we’ve got a single coming out with Selena Gomez, which we’re really excited about to. And we’re really excited about our internal, home-grown organic artists. We’ve got Disciples who are signed to Parlophone. Andreas Mo who’s signed to Sony. Rafaella, who I think next year will be her year. A new girl called Anisa, who has written already for Ariana Grande, and has performed with Brandi at the O2 just a couple of months ago – we literally signed here a week and a half ago. And a few more….we’re just really excited. We get excited every single second every chance we get to give our writers good news.

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