Looking ahead to Allo Mate Live...

Allo Mate is a live urban music concert. Hip-hop with a twist, showcasing without the violence,  misogyny or antisocial aspect.
Hosted by Guvna B

Artists on show

Karl Lokko 

I would categorise his sound as UK grime, a spoken word, ‘hit your heart with powerful lyrics’ artist. One of my favourite lyric quotes from him is  “No need to run, the police don’t exercise me anymore’’. 

His music talks about the struggle of life in London. He is a well rounded artist and seems to be really humble, giving his fans insight into him and his wife Cassandra’s life...

Additionally he starred in a Tedx Talk about leaving the London gang world.

No Name Disciple

New and upcoming artist No Name Disciple is a soul rapper and singer. Her sound compares to the likes of Lauren Hill and Kehlani but with a UK twist.

A really powerful line from one of her live sessions is “I was not born to pay bills and die”


Headlining the night is Kb, an American artist. His sound ranges from RnB to trap music with a positive or meaningful twist.

Kb has a lot of impactful music paired with his videos, from his song called Drowning which deals with loss of identify, fake fixes and people.

to his track called Kamikaze with a music video comparable to the likes of a movie.


Joshua Luke Smith 

Joshua Luke Smith is a newly upcoming artist. Growing up in an impoverished part of Pakistan (where his parents were building a hospital), his music always has a impactful moral behind it paired with a rap and a segment of singing.

With over 15k view his new release Headlights is worth checking out...

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Written and published by Ama