The Artist behind our recognisable imagery for TAKEOVER festival, Ellis Lewis-Dragstra, has curated an exhibition of artists whom have not necessarily exhibited before. Taking to Instagram to find undiscovered young artists, he has pulled together an honest, fresh and unpretentious exhibition that really focuses on the most important thing - the artists behind the work - in a no frills kind of way. The exhibition is free and available to visit throughout the duration of TAKEOVER festival in the Lower Café Gallery.

Sixteen year old Ibtihaaj Mohamoud describes herself on Instagram as a ‘hobbyist artist’, with her handle being @not.banksy. I can confirm that she is not Banksy, and nor does she possess any stylistic qualities reminiscent of the infamous artist.

Browsing her Instagram account, I am astounded to realise that her work was created digitally. In a Hockney iPad Art technique, she has depicted this portrait in a truly 21st century fashion. This simple image is eye catching as soon as you enter the room, due to the subtle peach background that glows against the gallery wall. This graphic image brings beauty to Vitiligo, and the depth of colour creates spherical dimensions and accentuates the contours of the face. 

Lying next to this beautiful depiction of a woman are Ibtihaaj’s humble business cards, covered in a wash of watercolour, they remind me of the importance of having the opportunity to present your work and climb the first peak in displaying your work to an audience, always knowing there will be judgment along the way.


The By Artist Gallery, Showing until 30th August @ Lower Café Gallery, Rich Mix London.

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Written by Kaia Goodenough, July 2017