IN THE GALLERY: Illustrative Intent

The Artist behind our recognisable imagery for TAKEOVER festival, Ellis Lewis-Dragstra, has curated an exhibition of artists whom have not necessarily exhibited before. Taking to Instagram to find undiscovered young artists, he has pulled together an honest, fresh and unpretentious exhibition that really focuses on the most important thing - the artists behind the work - in a no frills kind of way. The exhibition is free and available to visit throughout the duration of TAKEOVER festival in the Lower Café Gallery.

Exhibition curator Ellis Lewis-Dragstra presents a collection of illustrations in his recognisable style, also featured in the Takeover imagery. Ellis’ work shows influences from African art and Pop Art, infused with a linear graphic design drawing style. These mixed media pieces confront issues within our society today head on. The poetic descriptions aid the context and emotional intent behind each pair of eyes.

‘Can you share the secret of humble tranquillity with man kind…’

The Duality of Sexism explores the contradictions within our society, and how females are often shamed for their sexuality yet exploited for it in the same breath. Ironically, a collage of Page 3 models drape over the naked torso of the woman depicted. This work tackles the tricky transition that young women face when growing up - we are stereotyped to be feminine and sexual which is not a problem at all, however it becomes a mine field of paradoxes when penalised for being overly sexual and also for not being womanly enough. Through the media we are encouraged to be viewed as ‘sexy’, yet this can quickly switch to being viewed as inappropriate and ‘slut’-like. Girls themselves are not innocent in coming to these conclusions, however, together we can eradicate these stereotypes and encourage females to find their own voice, and not have the burden of being shamed for one’s sexuality.

The By Artist Gallery, Showing until 30th August @ Lower Café Gallery, Rich Mix London.

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Written by Kaia Goodenough, July 2017