Women of Mass Destruction

Fri 7 December - Fri 7 December 7.30pm
£5, £3 student or concs (Upstairs)

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Women of Mass Destruction is an evening of exciting new dance work which looks at the destruction of the female body.

With choreography from a range of emerging UK dance and performance artists, the evening will include bold and risky new work with provocative perspectives on alternative roles for women.

Artists include:
Archana Ballal
Jemma Bicknell
Jenni Fletcher (The Mostly Everything People)
Lydia Fraser-Ward
Maddy Wynne-Jones (Tempered Body Dance)

Archana Ballal presents a bold new work where raw physicality meets the subtlety of Bharatanatyam, exploring the notion of 'the woman as a warrior'. This intriguing piece of live performance and film, demonstrates the strength each female holds, what it takes for an extreme display of feminine bravery to take place.

Jemma Bicknell will present a work-in-progress looking at the perceptions of the female body as it ages. Working with a filmmaker and mature female performers, she will playfully explore how movements in women’s bodies change as we get older.

Jenni Fletcher will present a brand new dance piece which explores human behaviour within a group dynamic. Questioning how people choose to make themselves heard and to what level they will tolerate other people’s social habits, she will focus on how this is affected by our gender identity. 

Lydia Fraser-Ward presents newly developed dance piece Binge, exploring how to be drunk, and how to be a woman. Lydia doesn’t drink - she can’t get drunk. She just pretends to be drunk…to fit in. She’ll dance on tables, sing too loudly, and fall over exposing her pants. She wouldn’t want to embarrass herself by sitting in a corner all night. Binge is a dance project where Lydia gets to explore what it’s really like to get drunk by asking other women to get drunk for her, or pretend with her. See some ladies get off their heads, or perhaps not.

Maddy Wynne-Jones presents Body Of Work, exploring the increasing global pressure to perfect and design our bodies into something we can personally manufacture. Fiercely evocative, this bold dance piece presents a personal and collective war on bodies, to explore the global epidemic of body dis-ease. Witness an army of five women as they discover, mark, and destroy their bodies in an attempt to find peace within them.

Women of Mass Destruction is programmed and presented by Lydia Fraser-Ward specifically for Rich Mix.

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