Thu 23 May - Thu 23 May 7.30pm
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Bill DJs his life…

One day Bill discovered that the number 1 on the day he was born was Grandad by Clive Dunn, a song so bad, in so many ways, that it is in its own way remarkable. From that discovery Vinyl is the natural consequence: a track for each year of his life. As it’s name suggests this is an all vinyl show but be warned, Bill's record collection is pretty damn diverse even perverse. For Vinyl he delves deep into it and talks about the tracks and about what the music means, about the memories these tracks evoke and the decades that have brought us to where we now are. For Vinyl Bill recalls, revises and retells what these black plastic discs might be records of.

In the Vinyl playlist you can expect anything from the self-styled ‘worst orchestra in the world’ The Portsmouth Sinfonia to the apocalyptic metal anthem The Final Countdown by way of Boy Bands, Buddhist Chants and Bebop. Bill is no normal DJ and his stories are as diverse, idiosyncratic and pointed as the music he plays.

Vinyl is the most recent show from performance artist Bill Aitchison whose work has entertained and confounded the expectations of audiences across Europe, Asia, America
and The Middle East. Known for his work’s unpredictability and wry humour, he has been predicting the apocalypse, dancing Agadoo, performing in Chinese and now, with Vinyl, sharing his highly questionable record collection.

'Aitchison comes across as thoroughly charismatic, and what he has to say is interesting, entertaining and frequently very funny' London City Nights on Vinyl

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