Victory at Stalingrad

Sat 2 February - Sat 2 February 6pm till late
£10 / Main Space / Unreserved Seating

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The Victory at Stalingrad Night Out marks the 70th Anniversary of this most famous of battles against Nazism.

To headline such a night there could be no better choice than a 13 piece Balkan-style Brass band, the 'Trans-Siberian March Band', the like of which few Rich Mix audiences will have seen before. Featuring a borderless bag of musical styles including Balkan, KLezmer, Ska, Turkish, Latin and of course Russian.

Combined with the blistering soulcialist r n'b only Thee Faction can provide, complete with Brass Kapital horn section and a set of instantly danceable classics that will have you humming along to for days after.

Add dancefloor, Soviet-era graphics projection, and celebrated historian of Stalingrad, Geoffrey Roberts, author of the acclaimed Stalin's General: The Life of Georgy Zhukov providing an illustrated talk to open the evening and followed by a discussion with Guardian Columnist Seumas Milne author of The Revenge of History and Susan Richards,  Editor of OpenDemocracy Russia.

A party that mixes ideas and entertainment to produce a night out with a difference.

Presented by Philosophy Football, supported by the Hope not Hate campaign.



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