To London, Love Me & A Ballad of Missed Opportunities

Sat 16 February - Sat 16 February 7.30pm
£10 / Upstairs

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A double bill of work exploring stories of london

To London, Love Me by Lowri Jenkins

It started with a lemon...

Marie is new to the big city. Where she comes from, there are only trees to talk to. But now she’s moving – and she’s going to meet the most amazing people! 

Excited and a first-timer in London, Marie reels through a noisy, invisible maze of streets and shops, looking for someone to talk to – and finding a companion where she least expects. Surreal, funny and sad, To London, Love Me is about loneliness, hope and longing in the big city.  The show is a bittersweet love letter to a city that seems not to care. 

A Ballad of Missed Opportunities by RLP

A Ballad of Missed Opportunities is a performance dedicated to all the chances in life that have passed us by: from the things not said in the heat of an argument, the buses and trains we could have caught, to the lovers that got away, and the lovers that could have been but never were. Using an assemblage of autobiographical and pre-existing material – adverts, film clips, personal ads, pop songs and Facebook dialogues, the performance is an intimate exploration of missed opportunities saturated in the colours, sounds and shapes of popular culture. Using imagery, movement, objects and text, two performers search for the emotional core of these moments, the longing, hope, disappointment and frustration they contain.

To London, Love Me

Twitter - @LowriEJenkins

A Ballad of Missed Opportunities

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Twitter - @thisisrlp 
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