The Dash Café

Wed 7 November - Wed 7 November 7.30pm
Free (Main space)

Armenian music with Tigran Aleksanyan

The Dash Café presents the enchanting melodies of renowned Armenian duduk player Tigran Aleksanyan. Born in the Ararat Mountains of Armenia, Tigran settled in the UK in 2001. He is a celebrated master of traditional Armenian folk instruments including the duduk, zurna, Armenian folk flute or shepherd's flute; and his general musicianship and talent for improvisation are formidable. He has performed with the Armenian State Dance Ensemble's orchestra and with the Akhtamar Dance Group, and also has been an occasional member of the phenomenal band Daphna Sadeh & The Voyagers. He has performed at the South Bank Centre, at several Womad UK festivals and at numerous other venues on the British folk and world music scene, as well as having featured on BBC Radio 3, Channel 4 and Channel 5.

With accompaniment by acclaimed multi-instrumentalist Andrew Cronshaw, Tigran will give a flavour of the magical, soulful, jazz-inflected sounds of modern Armenian folk music.

Dash Arts presents a new programme of Dash Cafés: an artistic exploration of the countries of the former Soviet Union with music, films, talks and discussions.

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