Streets of... a Living Archaeology - Artists’ Salon Event

Sat 26 January - Sat 26 January 12.30pm - 2.30pm
£6 / Cinema / Limited unreserved seating

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Migration, artists’ practice and free mobility

The Artists’ Salon is a unique opportunity to engage with and explore the issues raised by Alda Terraciano’s video sound installation Streets of… 7 cities in 7 minutes focusing in particular on the impact of free mobility and digital recording on contemporary art practice, the nature of performance and the notion of the ‘theatre of everyday life’.

Alda Terracciano will discuss her approach and artistic practice with a panel of artists, activists and academics to dig deeper into the aesthetic, political and philosophical issues explored in the artwork and the connected community engagement programme, the Living Archaeology of the Place.

The panel will include the photographer and film maker, Abbas Zahedi, who will be in conversation with Alda to explore some of the issues raised in the video sound installation within the context of intercultural video art and film making. 

Manick Govinda, Coordinator for the Manifesto Club's Visiting Artists campaign, will help to locate the question of artists’ free mobility within the context of the current UK Home Office's restrictions on non-EU artists and academics in Britain.

Joe Kelleher, Professor of Theatre and Performance at Roehampton University, whose research interests include the structures of theatrical persuasion within and beyond the professional theatre, will discuss and explore the performative aspects of the installation, and the resurfacing of the collective unconscious in the ‘theatre of the everyday life’.

Kristina Hertel, Senior Lecturer in Architecture at University of East London and co-designer of the installation at Rich Mix will contribute to investigate issues connected to sensory cities and the role of ‘place’ in relation to the time/space dichotomy.  

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