Joga Bola! - Street Art Brazil Project

Thu 12 June - Tue 26 August 10am - close
Free / Mezzanine

Part of Joga Bola! - A Free Brazilian Cultural Festival

Brazil has become renowned for its progressive street art and imaginative DIY art ethos. As part of Joga Bola we have invited four urban artists from Brazil; trail-blazing stencil artist - Daniel Melim and three members of the legendary street poster art collective – SHN to create murals, installations and lead DIY art workshops.

They will be creating a permanent mural in Rich Mix’s main space, representing the vibrant street art culture of Brazil. Working together on the mezzanine level the artist’s will also produce a unique installation created from hundreds of silkscreen posters featuring playful graphic icons combined with stencil art.

Daniel Melim is an artist based in São Bernardo do Campo in the south of São Paulo. He principally uses stencils to create his colourful work, which he applies in a highly original way – by accentuating imperfections such as paint drips or using the same mask twice giving the idea of a printing error. In this way his work is a build up of textural layers. Daniel Melim is an experienced art teacher in the and he has been a long term volunteer and organiser of mural projects with disadvantaged teenagers in the Ferrazopolis favela area in the south of São Paulo.

Originating in the city of Americana, São Paulo, SHN are a collective of street artists who use their own original silkscreen posters in the public space. The group was formed around an ideology inspired by DIY and expressed through collective and experimental art. Today, after 15 years together, they have become known for their street actions, exhibitions and collaborative multimedia projects known as ‘occupations’, which involve videos, projections, DJs, performers and multiple artists to create evolving environments.


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