Stories of London: Home

Sat 21 September 7.30pm
£5 / Upstairs

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New work exploring stories of london

Home by Alina Serban

“Home is where I learned how to walk”
“Home means eating melon and sunflower seeds outside”
“Home is where I feel safe and loved”

Everyone, one day wonders where home is.
“Home” is one of the 14 performances by emerging artists selected by Rich Mix to tell “Stories of London”.

Every year people all over the world leave their homes and come to…..London, that almost mythical place beyond the rainbow where all their dreams could come true. A place they wish could become their home one day. When you grow up in one place and live in another, where is your home then? What happens when your home becomes a place of permanent threat and danger? Can a care centre with hot water and electricity become a “home” for a child separated from his parents? 

Intertwined personal stories, sometimes tragic, sometimes comical, show the fight to carve out a place, to make a home in a city pulsating with the hopeful heartbeat of millions of people, most of whom only have one desire - to feel at home: safe, protected, loved. The play goes beyond London to question what every individual calls home. The interaction with the audience during the first public performances will be integrated in the final version of this “work in progress”

Conceived by Romanian performer Alina Serban, a graduate of the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art in London, Home brings together an international company of artists who believe in collective creation and collabaeration. It's Directed by Esan Paydar a recent Graduate of the Neighborhood Playhouse School of Theatre from New York, who after hearing about the play instantly fell in love with the project being of Iranian background who has lived in London for the most part of his life and understands the feeling of what it's like not be home or the burning question where is home!

Home Project Company:

Director - Esan Paydar
Playwright/Actress - Alina Serban
Actors - Eva Daní?ková,John Kamau, Hannah Johnson, Pia De Laborde, Tanmay Dhanania
Artistic Director - Alina Serban and Lisa Peak
Percussion - Cuyami Cesar Pante

About Alina Serban
Alina Serban is a Romanian Roma actress and playwright. She obtained a Master in Theatre Lab at the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art in London in 2013. Her first play I Declare on my Own Risk/Declar pe Propria Raspundere was performed in Romania, France, Italy, the UK and Hungary. The play evoked her journey from living in a Bucharest house without electricity and water to assuming her Roma identity and reaching up to university to fulfill her dream of making theatre.

Selected press comments on her first play:
'Very occasionally I come across someone who is like a rising star, a force that is bright, unstoppable and has an impact on anyone who sees it. I saw Alina's one-woman-show at Green Hours and it was amusing, concise, and unsentimental. It felt authentic and it avoids moralising about the rights and wrongs of the Roma situation.' - Rupert Wolfe-Murray, Huffington Post

'Alina Serban's play tells her story, that of a determined girl who fought deprivation and serious discrimination' - Agence France Presse

'A great deal of humour, honesty and courage... a therapeutic performance' - Lulia Popovici, theatre critic; in Observatorul Cultural, Romanian leading cultural weekly, Sydney Morning Herald 


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