Smile Acoustic

Sun 24 February - Sun 24 February 6pm - 10.30pm
Free / Main Space / Standing

Taking place on the last Sunday of every month, Smile is a night with free cake, free entry, original songs to make you think, and a good bar in case you need a drink.

Each month sees three different artists take the stage for two intimate short sets, as well a featured collaboration with local music groups, put together in workshops on the same day.

With performers hailing from the local area and beyond, genres diversify in a cosy acoustic setting: Colombian guitars to beatbox stars, poets to pianists to programmers – all making you hum along to that tune, you know, that song…

It's that song you had in your head though you never heard it before
It's those words that couldn't be said cos they needed a little bit more
It's something new and though you haven't a clue you hum along all the while
Cos you feel in tune with others in the room and it's starting to make you SMILE

You might have seen the players before, on a big stage rocking the floor, but Smile is where they come to chill out, to play songs that say what it’s all about. Some of them may still be plugged in, but acoustic is where we begin. We play to the room, whether it’s Mars or The Moon, because we like to draw you in…

It's diverse, pleasant, thoughtful and fun, with new music from everyone. Sometimes it gets you deep inside, a song that speaks what's on your mind, it takes you to a different place, where melodies creep across your face, telling tales of woe that make confess, a smile of bittersweet happiness...

We keep the sets short so the music stays fresh, there’s always something coming up next. But they all get up and play a little more, and before you know it we’ll have to kick you out the door!

Don’t worry you can come again, you’ll probably want to bring a friend :-)

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