Sanchita Islam: The Rebel Within

Thu 7 March - Sun 28 April

Rich Mix is hosting the mid-career retrospective of British Bangladeshi female artist - Sanchita Islam.

Artist, writer and filmmaker Sanchita Islam has worked extensively in the Tower Hamlets region since 1999 and has participated widely in exhibitions and screenings, working closely with organisations such as the Arts Council, British Council and Commonwealth Institute. Since 2000, Sanchita has also been running Pigment Explosion, an organisation specialising in international and London based art projects.

Pigment Explosion creates projects that engage people through painting, drawing, film, books and photography, and aims to reach out to sectors of the public who would not ordinarily have access to the arts.To date they have worked with older people, women suffering from domestic violence, children living in the slums of Bangladesh and Jakarta, young people living on the estates of East London and Kuala Lumpur and most recently people suffering from mental illness in Brussels.

During the course of the two-month exhibition there will be:

This is part of a wider Rich Mix celebration of Bangladesh arts and culture marking the 42nd anniversary of Bangladesh Independence.

*Reinterpreting Sanchitas drawings as a public art installation, the aim of the piece is to let the people that live, work and visit the area and Rich Mix, to decorate in an ephimerous way the facade.

With the use of ink, paint, pens and other elements, the local community will be able to play with the facade, decorating it and changing its looks. Using an overhead projector, means that the results are instant, the weight of the movement and inks, make it a tactile installation, in which the immediate response of the materials allow the people to be more playful. 

Sanchita Islam

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