Roundhouse Rising: International Times

Fri 15 February - Fri 15 February 7.30pm
£6 / Main Space / Standing

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Electric Jalaba / Ruby and the Vines / Alembic / DJ Koichi Sakai

The Roundhouse Rising Festival returns to Rich Mix with International Times. Young programmer Chloe Wong presents an international evening of genre-bending, original new music inspired by The International Times zine which started at the Roundhouse in the 60s. The International Times was a pioneering underground arts paper with questions to ask and a taste for the psychedelic, and this rock-solid line-up is driven by emerging musicians with something to say. Expect fresh, creative sounds, outstanding musicianship, irresistible grooves, psychedelic flavours and a dash of political consciousness.  

Electric Jalaba
A deep psychedelic, groove-heavy meeting between London-based band Soundspecies and Moroccan Gnawa Master musician Simo Lagnawi . Traditional songs about beautiful, mysterious women, men that divide oceans and armies of soul conquerors weave themselves amongst enormous infectious grooves, analogue effects and warped guitars.  Expect inexhaustible energy, moments of soulful calm and pinnacles of ecstatic mayhem.

Ruby and the Vines
Emerging out of London’s multicultural music scene, Ruby and the Vines fuse a broad web of sounds and influences. Baring comparison with West African highlife as much as 80s post-punk, their unique sound stems from vocalist/bassist Binisa Bonner’s idiosyncratic compositional style, which uses melodic bass-lines as the musical root for her songs. This minimalist foundation gives guitarist Greg Sanders and drummer Ben Assiter the freedom to flesh things out with a dynamic range of tonalities and grooves.

Aka Sam Norland, Alembic is a London-based producer whose sound distils life and culture, combining hip-hop, electronica, house and techno with traditional African music. The result is a diverse and colourful tapestry where experimental beats, analogue synths and grainy textures collide with West African percussion, Zimbabwean Mbira and Congolese buzz'n'rumble. Live, Alembic is engaging and intricate, taking the audience on a journey that spans continents. Armed with a variety of gadgets he melds his studio sound into an immersive sonic environment that will have you moving in ways you didn’t know you could!

DJ Koichi Sakai
DJ, producer, musician and promoter for Ghetto Lounge. Koichi is widely recognised for his highly developed and unique style, which reflects the varied influences that have continuously informed his creativity and career. His musical style is jazzy and percussive, playing a distinctive mix of soul, jazz, funk, reggae, Latin and Afrobeat.

All performances will be accompanied by visuals made by EYESONTHEWALL, a visual label with roots at the Roundhouse. EYESONTHEWALL are working across a number of styles, platforms and themes, combining technical expertise and artistic understanding to deliver bespoke visual content.  The original visuals for the night will be based on the "International Times" image archive and abstract imagery from all over the world.

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