DocHouse: Raising Resistance (TBC)

Thu 26 April - Thu 26 April 8pm
£9 / £7 student or conc

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A DocHouse Thursdays Screening
Followed by a short screening of Republic of Soya

Official Selection International Documentary Festival Amsterdam 2011

Rise up Los Campesinos! Rural farmers in Paraguay have been marginalized by the big-business monoculture of GM soy bean production. But now, as crops are poisoned and forests decimated, local farmer Geronimo begins the revolt.

Beautifully shot and interweaving interviews with scenes from soy fields in Paraguay, Raising Resistance explores Latin American farmers’ struggle against the expanding production of genetically modified soy in South America.

Biotechnology, mechanisation, and herbicides have radically changed the lives of small farmers in Latin America. For farmers in Paraguay this means displacement from their land, loss of basic food supplies, and a veritable fight for survival.

Geronimo Arevelos and a group of small farmers stand defiantly in a corporate-owned soy field adjacent to his own, blocking a tractor from spraying herbicides that will decimate his crops and expose nearby families to toxic chemicals. As corporate farms seize farmland and rapidly expand production of genetically modified soy, Geronimo and the campesinos find themselves in a life and death struggle.

Raising Resistance illustrates the mechanisms of a global economy that relies on ‘monocrop’ agriculture and corporate ownership of land. In telling the story of Paraguay, Raising Resistance poses the larger question of whether the global community wants to go on living with a system that allows one crop to prosper at the expense of all others.

(Bettina Borgfield & David Bernet / Germany-Swiss / 2011 / 84’)

Republic of Soya
Uncovers the new model of power that is taking hold of South America. Argentina has been at the helm of GM Soy production since the late 1990’s. Dubbed the new form of Western colonialism, Republic of Soya gets to the core of this destructive Agro-colonisation.

(Luca Lucarini & Jamie King / USA-UK / 2011 / 34’)

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