Mwalimu Express

Sun 17 March - Sun 17 March 2pm
Free / Main Space / Unreserved limited seating

London’s only Pan African family adventure chugs in with a dazzling experience of Africa and the Diaspora.

Destination: Antananarivo, Madagascar

LIVE: Nogabe Randriaharimalala
FILM:  ANGANO ANGANO presented by Screen Station

All aboard the legendary MWALIMUEXPRESS as we pull in to a different African city on the third Sunday afternoon of each month at Rich Mix , bringing you only the finest live music from around the continent....

Our featured artist this March is Nogabe Randriaharimalala - songwriter, singer and wikkidest guitar player. Nogabe, a true global citizen born in Madagascar, lived all over the world. He is a gifted multi instrumentalist, a musical explorer who has created all manner of diverse gems along his musical journey, including drumming in the very first rock band in China, his Politics Power and Glory Hong Kong project and now here in London he has rediscovered his Malagasy musical roots and rhythms.

‘The acoustic guitar is Nogabe’s weapon of choice and he makes it sound unlike it does anywhere else... spotless, bell-clear tone , dazzling agility and liquidity…he does it all’ DJ’s Rita & Max and others.

We kick start the day with music, poetry & performance from the Numbi family, there’ll be loadsa the finest Malagasy tunes from DJ hosts Rita Ray and Max Reinhardt, Lucy Angell John's Parent and Toddler dance sessions, Awale with the Oware Society, plus market stalls from face painting to T Shirts from the Motherland & World Music Network’s CD emporium, a well stocked bar and tasty snacks. Chill, read your kids a book or browse a magazine while you unwind to sublimest sounds

Later in the afternoon (around 4.15pm) we have a Screen Station screening of Cesar Paes and Marie-Clemence Paes's ANGANO ANGANO Tales from Madagascar

‘Tales, tales, nothing but a tale…’ It showcases the living culture of the Malagasy people of Madagascar, who have weathered, since formal independence in 1960, a neocolonialist regime, an autarchic leftist government, and economic hard times that interweave with ecological depredation. The stories are told through the voices of beguiling storytellers. What initially appears a quaint recapturing of folklore gradually asserts itself as a powerful statement about a vital tradition, no backwater throwback but an aggressive confrontation with the folkways and ideologies of powerful industrial societies that these people recognize and challenge. ‘Oral history is our history.’

And it's all free! Help keep Screen Station screenings at Mwalimu Express free and become a member from as little as £3 per annum. The more you donate the more you get in the way of tasty rewards. Find out more 

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