Jugular: Experiment 2

Sat 4 May - Sat 4 May 7.30pm - 9.30pm
£12 / Upstairs

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Jugular: Joining The Head and The Heart

Joining Science, Storytelling and Leaps of Ingenious Creativity think Infinite Monkey Cage meets Complicite. Brain bath! Prime-Time Paradox! The Imaginarium! A Cabaret of Science! These are some of the terms used to describe our show-we call it simply :"Jugular. Joining the Head and The Heart".

Our show enriches the audience both intellectually and viscerally by combining academics and artists in one evening. The show is centred around the themes of Memory, Perception of Time, the Science of Ageing and the Molecular Evolution of Modern Human behaviours and Culture. These themes have specialist Scientific research behind them but also interest the general public and thus are put in a human, social, emotional and artistic context. Targetting both the heart and the mind, audience feel all their senses and intellect have been stimulated to satisfaction or alternativelym their curiosity piqued to ponder more.We offer many truths if you will, looking at science and life from a 360 degree comprehensive angle.

The Academics, through their research offer a practical/theoretical reality of the subject and the Artists express through their artform their experiential reality of the same subject-so come and enter the Jugular Lab and let your inner philosopher loose!

Featuring Scientists:
Professor Mark Thomas
Professor of Evolutionary Genetics from the Research Department of Genetics, Evolution and Environment, University College London

In the archaeological record modern human behaviour is associated with the appearance of art, body decoration, ornamentation, musical instruments, and improved stone and bone tools. This fundamental shift in behavioural complexity occurred in different places around the world at different times and did not always coincide with the first arrival of modern humans. We show that population density and interaction are major determinants in the maintenance of cultural complexity and can explain geographic variation in the timing of the first appearance of modern behavior without invoking improved cognitive abilities.

Professor Richard Faragher
Professor of Biogerontology
Chair, British Society for Research on Ageing
Assistant Head [Research]
School of Pharmacy & Biomolecular Science
University of Brighton

Who simply asks us a thoughtful : 'How old is ageing?'

And finally Dr Hugo Spiers who will be presenting his soon to be published cutting edge research rather uniquely, by performing with the Jugular Team :

Hugo Spiers will explore how the brain builds a constructed of the world we use and re-create when we remember the past.

Featuring the Jugular Ensemble and Cast encompassing physical theatre, playlets,music,storytelling, circus and special Spoken Word guest artist Dan Tsu from Lyrix Organix and a specially commissioned film from NYC Poet Jon Sands.

You Tube - www.youtube.com/TheGungHoDown
Twitter - @TheGungHoDown
Facebook - www.facebook.com/JugularJoiningHeadandHeart


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