Extradite Me, I’m British

Sat 8 September - Sat 8 September 7pm

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An evening of film, prison poetry, talks, drama, comedy, nasheeds around the notorious 2003 US-UK extradition treaty currently affecting British citizens Talha Ahsan, Babar Ahmad, Richard O’Dwyer and Gary Mckinnon.

Featuring Jeff Mirza - "Britain's Best Loved Asian Comedian" (Time Out) and actor (White Teeth, Infinite Justice)

The programme explores questions at the at the heart of British identity: what it means to be a British citizen , the erosion of civil liberties, human rights in a post-9/11 era, British Sovereignty and its big brother relations with America. The event brings together many of the guests of the UK-wide 14 date film, poetry and speakers tour in a single night. The treaty  was creation of Blair-Bush partnership that allows British citizens to be spirited away to the US — and its out-of-control judicial system — without the US having to provide any evidence, even if the alleged crimes took place in the UK, and even if the alleged crimes are not crimes in the UK. The event takes its name from a T-shirt by the Arts Against Extraditions collective.

Guests include:

  • Jeff Mirza - "Britain's Best Loved Asian Comedian" (Time Out) and actor (White Teeth, Infinite Justice)
  • Ahir Shah - comedian, fresh from Edinburgh Festival, as seen on Channel 4 and BBC Newsnight. Hackney Empire New Act of the Year Finalist
  • A.L Kennedy – awarding winning novelist, author of article “Solitary Confinement is no place for a Poet” in Guardian
  • David Bermingham - one of the “Natwest Three”, expert witness against Extradition treaty, author of “Price to Pay” must-read book about Extradition ordeal
  • Moazzam Begg – former Guatanamo Detainee, author of “Enemy Combatant”, director of Cageprisoners
  • Victoria Brittain – journalist & author of plays “Guatanamo” & “Meaning of Waiting”
  • Talha Ahsan – poetry & letters written in prison whilst detained without trial or evidence ( freetalha.org )
  • Arts Against Extraditions – collective of artists & creatives fighting against extraditions & for civil liberties
  • UK Apache NKA Abdul Wahhab ft. Ahmed - performing the Babar Ahmed national petition nasheed live
  • Manjinder Virk - Award-winning actress star of Britz, The Arbor

Screening of “Extradition” -a 30 minute film about Talha Ahsan & Babar Ahmad featuring Gareth Peirce & poet Avaes Mohammad, framed around Talha Ahsan prison poetry & other acts to be announced.

Twitter hashtag: #ExtraditeNight


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