Brassroots Presents Mimika

Wed 9 January - Wed 9 January 7.30pm
Free / Main Space / Standing

Brassroots continue to reach out to some of their favourite bands and artists and subsequently turn up the heat on the hippest 2nd Wednesday of the month in East London.

Mimika MME returns to Rich Mix to showcase some new tunes and concepts!

MIMIKA Mak Murtic Ensemble is a London based collective of jazz, world music, contemporary and various other musicians formed in 2010. There is no defined number of people involved as this changes for different projects and performances, however there is a core of 6 to 9 band members for small performances but this can extend into an orchestra of 13 with a choir for larger ones.

The music  is a combination of diverse and exotic musical styles ranging from Jazz to such styles as Balkan Beat, Serbian, Croatian, Bulgarian, Turkish, Latin American, East Asian, Southeast Asian and North African folk music, Rock, Funk, Breakbeat, Hip Hop, Electronic with a constantly improving and changing repertoire of styles.

The music has variously been described as cinematic; it is an energetic, yet dreamy scenery through various musical plays depicting topics from Agriculture and Human Evolution to the Space Age and exploration of planets in the Solar System.



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